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Avenue Fisheries - Sales Event 1st & 2nd Oct

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There are two Koi Events to kick off October...

The Birmingham and West Midlands Koi Show and the Avenue Fisheries Sales Event

- If you can't get to the one, go to the other!

Avenue Fisheries are an incredibly well-respected koi company who have built a fearsome reputation over the past 30 odd years for their quality pond builds and rigorous quarantine protocols. World of Nishikigoi is incredibly proud to have Avenue Fisheries on board as supporters and advertisers and we thought the following might be of interest...

The annual grow-on event has become incredibly popular over the years and if Bedford is accessible to you and you're free on the 1st & 2nd of October - we'd recommend popping along.

Here are the details about the day:

"Over this weekend we will be running our ever popular growing on competition. Whilst the format remains the same, each year we endeavour to make improvements. As the event appears to get more popular each year we have found ourselves selling out of the normal 250 number of special koi on the Saturday of the event, often leaving regular customers who can only make Sundays with little choice or no fish to purchase. With this in mind this year we will have 200 special koi on view and available for purchase on Saturday and a further 200 that will only be made available on Sunday. This will prevent much overcrowding and also provide a fairer choice for all. We will still have the prize of the purchase price of fish refunded and £100 of quality food for the koi with the largest increase in size. We will also have the most improvement in quality prize of the same value purchase price refunded and £100 of quality koi food but will have a prize for each of the two days. Giving both Saturday & Sunday an even chance or double the chance if you attend both days.

The fish will be grown in our specialised growing on polytunnel and kept at 24 degrees c until being cooled and made ready for collection during the Easter 2023 weekend. During this period they will be fed by automatic feeders supplemented by hand feeding to maximise their growth potential. Last year's winning fish for growth was an Ochiba Shigure bred by Oofuchi which increased by 13cm with the average growth over the whole batch of fish being 9cm. The most improved quality fish was a Shiro Utsuri bred by Matsunosuke. As before none of the fish will have been previously displayed in our retail area and were selected by us specifically for this competition weekend. All koi will be photographed and measured with a copy photo taken away by the purchaser to be bought back when collecting their fish. We would like all fish to be collected before the 1st of May 2023. This year the koi will be priced from £35 to £85 and have been selected from the following breeders: Aoki, Hiroi, Matsunosuke, Marusaka, Miyatora, Marusei, Shinoda, Sakuma, Takahashi, Oofuchi and Yamazaki.

More Details:


A number of larger koi will be discounted for this weekend only and will be individually priced on the photo boards.


We will have 10 koi sized between 55cm and 70cm that will be offered at an extreme discount, these fish have either been grown on by us or have minor faults in their patterns but are healthy quality koi at a very low price. They offer even better value with the increasing costs of freight when newly imported koi are purchased. Pictures of these koi will be displayed on our Facebook page on Friday 30th September and will be sold on a first-come basis only over our special weekend, these koi must also be taken home with you on the day.


Over this weekend we will have special discounted prices on food for cooler temperatures in preparation for Autumn and Winter. They include JPD Shogun and Medicarp, Hikari Saki multi-season, Cloverleaf and Yamitsu wheatgerm.


We will be running our customary free raffle with the prize being a £500 voucher redeemable for koi of the winner's choice.


Mark will be running our ever-popular bbq for both days of the sale weekend and looks forward to seeing you all.


We design & build all types of ponds from small formal water features up to small lakes. However, we are best known for our high-quality specialist koi ponds. We can supply fully itemised quotations and are now taking bookings for 2023. So if you are thinking of building a new pond or improving your current pond or filter system contact us or view examples of our completed projects on our website or on our Facebook page. We also undertake pond maintenance.


We have been at the forefront of koi quarantine for over 47 years and for the last 20 years have operated a fully bio-secure quarantine area. We quarantine all koi we import from Japan for a minimum of 8 weeks and subject them to heat ramping 4 times, combined with our close links with Japanese breeders and our membership of the Japan Koi Dealers Association enables us to hopefully offer for sale the healthiest koi possible.


For the first time in nearly 3 years due to Covid restrictions, we are able to go to Japan ourselves to purchase high-grade stocks of 2yr and older koi. If you have any specific requests for quality koi from particular breeders contact us with your budget and requirements and we will do our best to source them for you, we can whattsapp photos or email koi from Japan direct to you to make your choices.


Our next open weekend will be our Christmas / New year event Bank holiday Monday 2nd January when fish purchased during the Autumn harvest will be on display for the first time having completed their 8 weeks Quarantine. We will also be running our bbq on this day.

We thank you for your custom during 2022 our 47th year as a full-time koi-only retailer!

For more info about Avenue Fisheries please visit


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