Crouch Valley Koi Show - 6th & 7th August

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Koi Show Incoming!

The koi show calendar is due to get very busy come August, and the first event in the line-up is the Crouch Valley Koi Show - an Open Show manned by the Crouch Valley Koi Section.

The Crouch (based in Essex) has been an active and engaging club for some 30 years, and this year sees the return of their popular annual show. This will be my first visit (sacrilege, I know), and although I can’t speak from experience, many koi keepers hold The Section’s efforts in very high regard.

Not attended before? Why not join me and make it your first trip?

As well as the usual koi show fanfare…

  • This koi show is completely undercover - so rain, no problem!

  • There will be over 25 vats of koi on display.

  • On the site of a fantastic garden centre, with a great restaurant.

  • RHS Flower Show at Hyde Hall is only two minutes away.

  • Barleylands Farm/Craft Village and Hanningfield Reservoir are close by - so there’s plenty to explore for those wanting more than koi.

Also, the following companies will be in attendance:

  • Akahana Koi

  • Burtons Aquatics

  • Carp Co

  • Draco Drums

  • Isle of Ely Koi

  • Manor Koi

  • World of Nishikigoi

Oh, and one more thing - it’s FREE ENTRY!

Yes, (no typo) the show is free to enter. So come along if you can, clear the diary, show some support to the club and see some cracking koi whilst you’re at it!

Double dares ya!



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