The Event - Rasta Koi & The Koi Collection

Some details from The Koi Collections Facebook page about the Rasta Koi weekend...

“On the 8th and 9th we are hosting 'The Event' in collaboration with the Rasta Koi Facebook Group. We've planned a lovely weekend for everyone to catch up and unwind.

We've released some special koi specifically for the event, with prices to suit all budgets, some of these were featured on Rasta's latest video - including the female koi pictured on the poster below from Matsue Koi Farm.

For those of you that have not seen the video, the five Matsue koi will be sold in a 'Narita Style' auction. We believe this to be the fairest way of offering them for sale.

How does this work?

1. The price is set at the price on the poster.

2. If you want to commit to buying, put your name against the koi.

3. At 3pm on Sunday the draw takes place for each koi.

4. A name will be selected at random (from a hat/draw straws)

5. The winner will be the lucky purchaser of the koi.

Side Notes:

1. Please only put your name against a koi if you will commit to the purchase. This will avoid disappointment to others.

2. If you can't make the event or would prefer to remain anonymous and you would like to make a purchase, please contact us directly and we will put your name in the draw. This way you stand the same chance as anybody else.

3. If you put your name against multiple koi and you win one of them, you may withdraw your name from the others yet to be drawn.

If you would like to come along to 'The Event' simply head over to Rasta Koi Facebook Group and put your name down on the event post specifying which day/days. This is so that we can monitor numbers.

We're looking forward to a cracking weekend - come along!”


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