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Trade News - June Catch-up

Koi Shows and Competitions

The UK show season is almost about to kick off, starting with The National Koi Show on the 1st & 2nd of July. You can check out the dates and info for all koi shows happening in the UK this year in my previous post here:

It’s worth highlighting - as koi shows move forward with modern times and social media, many committees offer special giveaways and competitions. Some great things are happening to encourage show promotion and gain a buzz this year. They’re usually easy to enter, free, and the prizes are very generous. The National Koi Show is currently running a competition for two free tickets and a bag of Saki-Hikari koi food - see their Facebook page for more details:

Note: World of Nishikigoi will also be running a selection of competitions over this show season. Detail's coming very soon!

Supreme Deals

With Father’s Day this Sunday, Supreme Koi are offering a very generous 25% off all koi plus further in-store discounts. Mark was telling me he has one of the largest selections of koi he's had in stock for quite some time and is very excited about sharing them with hobbyists. Now the weather is warming up, it's the perfect time to hunt for new koi, so why not drop by? Mark always has the kettle on. You can peak at what he has coming up for sale here:

Koi & Chelsea

Matthew Ball of Clearwater Koi recently participated in a special project at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in partnership with Brookfield Plants. Matthew and his team installed a koi pond as part of Brookfield Plant's Gold Medal-winning display - the first time in history that koi have been allowed on the prestigious site.

There are a few photos of Matthew and the display, but I won’t spoil anything, as you can read the full story in the next issue of Koi Net, the free online monthly koi magazine. Sign up here:

Isa all happening at Selective Koi Sales.

Ok, not one of my finest puns! Chris at ‘Select’ is ploughing on, promising to keep the ‘koi for sale’ pics and videos coming. He recently uploaded some tosai showa from Isa Koi Farm. In the last few years, the UK market has been somewhat flooded with tosai from the farm, with many dealers offering them for sale. Nevertheless, the high demand means they sell well, and people often get left without. This year there seem to be fewer around (unless I’ve missed the posts), so if you’re on the lookout, give Chris a nudge.

Spawning Time.

Koi Farms worldwide will be entering the busiest period of their summer - spawnings season. Rick and the team at New Forest Koi are putting parent sets together as I type and always post videos of farm life and breeding shenanigans - great to watch if you’re curious. You can follow their journey here:

Avenue Fisheries

Pam & Steve are tempting koi-folk with more Father’s Day discounts and offers. Many of their koi have now finished the strict Quarantine Protocol and are up for grabs. The sales ponds are in lovely, tranquil surroundings, so making selections should be a very calming experience. Have a mooch here:

Queni Koi Extends Opening Hours

With the help of extra staff, Adam has extended the opening hours to include Saturdays. It means koi keepers can take advantage of visiting over the entire weekend, which is always a bonus. Adam has also now released new mixes of tosai, which can be purchased in person or on the website and delivered to your door. Many koi keepers like to buy little batches of koi to grow on, and with multibuy options saving you money, it’s easy to see the appeal.

Tosai mixes can be found here:

Subscription Still Open.

Volume Three has been landing on doormats nationwide, giving koi keepers a fix of quality printed koi content. The doors are still open to new subscribers, so jump on board whilst there's still time! It's £27.00 per year (including UK delivery), which guarantees you two 132-page volumes per year, exclusive pre-release on each volume, and a 'Subscription Card' offering discounts at dealers/retailers all over the country, plus… it looks great on the coffee table.

Note: If you make use of the exclusive membership card, you can earn back the cost of your subscription with a single purchase. Yes, you read that right!

So why delay? subscribe today!


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