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Trade News - Feb/March '23

Koi Blog - Koi News

The weather might be cold, but the industry is starting to warm up as preparations for the season get underway. Dealers have already begun buying younger koi to ensure they will have them quarantined in time for the start of the season, and some are either in Japan, have been to Japan or heading out soon. It never ends for them!

Here are a few things that might be of interest...

Koi Competitions - Koi Blog

Koi Competitions are running a mega comp for the whole of this year - a trip to Japan. For many koi enthusiasts, a trip to the homeland of nishikigoi is on their bucket list, but with Japan being the other side of the world - things can get expensive. Koi Competitions are offering a chance to bypass the costs for a £3.98 ticket. You could win a business class flight and stay in the best hotel in the area, including all travel in Japan covered via a Japan Koi Guide, plus £1000 spending money! There's also £4000 worth of instant prizes to be won. I've been told that Koi Competitions are attending numerous koi shows this year, so if you wish to meet them or ask any questions - they'll be about.

For more info - click here:

EZ-Pond - Koi Blog

EZ-Pond is a company many koi keepers will be familiar with. Their range of tanks has become incredibly popular, and now to help hobbyists understand and learn about their products, they are publishing a series of videos on their YouTube channel. Allan Gavin (the owner) tells me it's early days, but they have some exciting things planned to make life easier for the hobbyist - the company is called 'EZ' - Pond after all!

Check them out here

Walker Koi - Koi Blog

Walker Koi is holding its first Auction & Sales Day. Rob Walker has been involved in the koi game for quite some time and wants to stage an event where enthusiasts can get together, share knowledge, have a laugh - and maybe pick up a bargain!

Sunday 26th March is the date, with doors opening at 10:30 am. Should you get peckish - food and refreshments will be available throughout the day. Lovely!

You can keep up to date with the developments of the event here:

KOI NET issue 54 is now available to read. Koi Net is an online monthly magazine run by Dave Brown from the South East Koi Club. I have a great relationship with Dave and his team, they do a great job and it's totally free for koi enthusiasts!

All you have to do is sign up here:

Queni Koi - Koi Blog

Queni Koi is holding its popular annual online sales event in April. Many koi keepers will be familiar with this structure, but here are some of the key facts:

  1. Starts at 10 am on 4th April - ends at midnight on 10th April (throughout the Easter bank holiday).

  2. Over 200 new Nisai will be available to view online before the event. Once the event goes live - 25% will be deducted from the price.

  3. Breeders include Isa, Maruyama, Marusei, Maruhiro and more.

  4. Koi will appear on the website in the week leading up to the event for viewing.

  5. 10% off dry goods.

  6. 5% off filtration.

  7. Additional discounts on selected koi.

  8. Free keeping for 1 month (from date of purchase).

* T&C's can be found on their website.

For regular updates, check out their Facebook Page:

Avenue Fisheries - Koi blog

Avenue Fisheries have recently started uploading videos of new koi onto their Facebook page. The sales area might not look like this until the weather warms up, but a cracking backdrop to go koi hunting - who doesn't like a ganders?!

Check out more here:

UK Koi Shows 2023

The Show Season for 2023 has been confirmed. I've spoken to most organisers, and everyone is keen to build on the success of last year. I always like to collate all the dates and info to make things easy for folk.

More details can be found here:

Clearwater Koi UK

Clearwater Koi UK is currently out in Japan. Matthew Ball (pictured above) seems to be enjoying himself, and he and his party have been doing the rounds in Niigata and Isawa - buying new koi for the season ahead. The above shot is outside of Kaneko koi farm - I wonder if he managed to buy any of his famous tancho kujaku?

Matthew likes to keep his social media up to date - you can check it out here:

39th All Japan Young Koi Show

39th ALL JAPAN YOUNG KOI SHOW takes place on the 25/26th of March. This is a prestigious show in Japan where the finest koi in the world compete, but the koi entered can be no larger than 63cm. Much like the AJKS, it's a great opportunity to see some amazing koi and dream about what you'd spend lottery winnings on!

Probably the two best sources for pictures, videos and updates are these guys:

Jane Maneerat:

Johan Leurs:

Koi Magazine - Koi Blog

World of Nishikigoi (who me?) has just opened a new subscription rollout for Volume Three. For those who subscribed before Christmas, you don't need to do anything. For those who missed it - now's your chance!

We produce two 'MagBooks' each year of 132 pages (released in June and December). They are crammed with content to educate, entertain and complement the enjoyment of our wonderful hobby. We really do celebrate all things nishikigoi, and hobbyists worldwide have been devouring our content since we launched in July '22.

The cost is £27.00 for 12 months (including delivery). You receive the new volume every 6 months on exclusive release (you get it before general sale) - AND you also receive a free Subscribers Card...

The card entitles you to various discounts/benefits at participating retailers. The Discount Scheme is an exciting project that will continue to grow and hopefully encourage people to visit retailers old and new. To put it into perspective, if you were to spend £270 at most of our participating retailers, you would earn your subscription fee back...

Not only do you get a quality koi-focussed publication, but there are some fantastic savings to be made too - Food for thought!

You can find out more info and subscribe here:


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