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Trade News - Jan '23

Koi Blog - World of Nishikigoi

Happy New Year Koi-Folk!

It’s been a while, but I’m excited to get the blog up and running again for 2023.

This is a new regular feature where I’ll share news from our supporting dealers/manufacturers about events they might be holding/have held, discounts they're running, or new products they're stocking or launching. Plus, koi shows, or anything else I think of interest. I thought it might prove helpful to keep tabs on (and share) what’s going on because (as we know) this is a hobby that is constantly changing, evolving and wanting to open our wallets. Darn it! Plus, no one wants to miss out - do they?

Avenue Fisheries Open Day

Avenue Fisheries (based in Wyboston Beds) held their Festive Open Day in early Jan, giving visitors a first up-close look at the new stocks from the Autumn harvest. Steve had been out in Japan hand-picking koi from a large selection of breeders - keeping up his 40+ year tradition. The weather was a bit nippy (apparently), but the warm drinks were flowing, and hot food kept guests warm and well-fed - they were spoiled if you ask me!

Avenue Fisheries hold many Open Days throughout the year (as well as being a full-time shop), so if you want to keep up-to-date with their koi calendar, it’s best to visit their website or sign up for their newsletter.

A few snaps I was sent of the day:

Selective Koi Sales - Koi Cataloguing.

SKS are a bit of a brand name in the UK koi world, having been around for some 40 years. With a busy retail and wholesale business, they have not been overly ‘hot’ on updating their koi-for-sale pages in the past - but things change! Recently, I spoke to Chris Giles, who told me with a flurry of new staff members and a juggle-around, he’s now able to get cracking cataloguing the koi regularly. It could take a while, but it’s best to keep busy, eh Chris!

Koi Blog - World of Nishikigoi - Selective Koi Sales

West Midlands Koi - Red Label Drums

Lee at West Midlands Koi has recently become the UK Distributor for Aquaking Red Label Drum Filters. These drums have been on the market for quite some time overseas, but UK koi keepers can now get their hands on them too! I visited Lee in early January and looked through the Aquaking catalogue - there’s plenty to give koi keepers options.

Filtration decisions are always a personal choice when building a new pond or upgrading an existing system. Every unit on the market has its pros and cons, and every koi keeper has their preference. It can leave people feeling a little perplexed. Fundamentally, the filter needs to do the job you want it to (so get a clear idea of what that is), and it also needs to be financially viable. The best way to make a decision is to go and see various units in the flesh, talk it through with a dealer and listen to the advice of fellow hobbyists who have hands-on experience with that particular make/model. Hopefully, that will ease the decision-making process. Pinkies crossed.

You can keep updated or organise to see them here:

Koi Blog - World of Nishikigoi - West Midlands Koi

Wakai Trees

Many of you will recognise the company from the show scene over the past year, specialising in seed-grown Japanese pines. Stephen and Anthony have recently launched a new youtube channel with informational videos on all aspects of tree selection and care. For those who are looking to increase their knowledge, it’s a great platform to check out:

The pair have also launched a new website detailing all their trips to Japan thus far. Anthony and Stephen have visited many times over the years and wanted a place to collate all their blog entries and photos - many of which have made it into koi magazines worldwide. It’s a great insight into Japan from a tourist's perspective, so much more than just koi. Anthony also captures some stunning images with his photography skills - worth a look.

Koi Blog - World of Nishikigoi - Japan

Pond Cleans, Maintenance and Pond Builds.

Chris at Koi Carp UK Ltd is now taking bookings for the 2023 season. He covers much of the South of England and takes on all projects, big and small. If you feel like your pond might need some TLC or an upgrade, and you don’t feel capable of doing the work yourself, hiring a seasoned professional is the most sensible way forward. See below for more details:

Koi Blog - World of Nishikigoi - Ponds

AJKS ‘23

This weekend sees the 53rd All Japan Koi Show held in Tokyo - the most prestigious koi show on earth. I’ll have to leave my dreams of going until next year, but there’s always plenty of coverage on the ground. Whether you like koi shows or not, the koi-eye-candy doesn’t come any better and I personally like to sit, dribble and dream. You can keep up with the action here:

All Japan Koi Show 2023


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