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Trade News - June '24

Koi Blog - Trade News

Hello Koi Keepers, 

Firstly, apologies for skipping Trade News for the last two months. Magazine production was manic, and I had to focus my firepower on one area to hit my deadlines - but we’re back with a vengeance!

I don’t know about you, but it certainly doesn’t feel like June to me. The weather is all over the place, and for those hobbyists who don’t heat their ponds, this instability can cause issues with widely fluctuating temps. It has various knock-on effects, none of which are good, from stress-induced parasites to encouraging ad hoc feeding, which impacts water quality and filtration performance (which then has further knock-on effects). It can be challenging when the weather is against us, but we must try to maintain stability and consistency where possible and tackle any problems as soon as they arise. 

Feeding and koi food always get discussed and debated this time of the year, and for most hobbyists, by the time they’ve decided on a summer feeding regime, the summer is over - such is the power of endless internet information! Yes, feeding koi is a BIG topic, and countless schools of thought can leave hobbyists in knots. However, regardless of who’s dishing out the advice, all the information and tips are useless until you know two things. Firstly, what you want to achieve, and secondly, the limits of your system. Once you know those, you can devise an effective feeding regime that works for you and your koi. If that sounds too fussy, buy a balanced koi food (that’s temperature-appropriate), monitor the water quality and koi condition and plod on. After all, at some point, we just need to try things and learn from our endeavours! 

I’m delighted to welcome some new trade sponsors to the magazine for Volume Five, and it’s great to be able to share their antics on the blog. As always, this is a short, monthly update and I hope it proves helpful. Let’s get to it…

Shirley Koi

Shirley Koi & The M42 Koi Triangle. John Cook has officially opened the doors of Shirley Koi - the new Japanese-only branch of Shirley Aquatics after its refurb. The facility is crammed with koi vats and two new koi shipments, with Dennis Wordsworth on hand for those wishing to peruse the stocks. 

There’s a wide variety of koi on site, but go sanke definitely dominate in the larger sales ponds, which Dennis puts down to the preferences of the client base. There are koi from Torazo, Sakuma, Matsunosuke, Omosako, Kanno, Marudo, Shintaro, Shinoda and many more. I popped in for a cuppa and took a few bowl videos - see below.

John is also promoting The M42 Koi Triangle, a cluster of four koi dealers within 5 minutes of Junction 3 of the M42. The idea is to encourage koi lovers to visit the area and make a day of it. Shirley Aquatics, Shirley Koi, West Midlands Koi, and Perfect Ponds & Koi are all close neighbours, offering slightly different flavours and (of course) very different fish stocks. By working together, they hope to foster a good relationship and offer hobbyists a unique day out. They also welcome koi club visits, which might be worth a look. 

koi West Midlands

Shosha Koi. Whilst juggling the day-to-day of the business, Lee and Mike have been busy behind closed doors building their new retail facility and quarantining koi that have arrived from Japan. 

One recent addition is a new page on their website dedicated to all koi currently residing in the UK, which makes things much easier! There are a good few pages of koi to goggle at, including the beauties pictured above (which are all still for sale). 

If you're interested in any of them, head to the link below for more details and prices - the gents will even ship them directly to your door!

Koi Auctions - Koi blog

Coastal Koi. Dave Tilbury at Coastal Koi is a recent magazine sponsor and has been busy building a new website dedicated to auctioning koi. With the popularity of online auctions in the modern day, many are now moving into the territory, so Dave has built a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website that will be officially launching its first auctions soon. For more info and to register, check it out here: 

Dave has also launched a new product called the “Aqua Eco Weighted Air Pro Ring Diffuser.” The info states:

“Superb high-quality Weighted Air ring diffusers offering less back pressure and greater aeration, these diffusers use the best micro-perforated tubing creating smaller bubbles which leads to better oxygen saturation, and all the weighted parts (including the air connection) are manufactured using 316 stainless steel. Available sizes are 25cm, 35cm and 55cm.”

If you’d like more info or prices, head to the website here: 

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024 - Koi

Clearwater Koi. Matthew Ball and his team have recently returned from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the second year running. They were a Key Supplier at the 2024 Show, providing a fully accessible exhibit including; Koi, Torii gate, Pond, Water features and Japanese bridge, for the Silver-Guilt medal-winning Brookfield Plants Japanese-themed Hosta Garden. 

After chatting with Matthew, he said it was a demanding project with a long lead-up and many logistical challenges, but he was thrilled to be involved and was very happy with his final efforts. The pond looked smashing, and he even chatted to The King. Great stuff, Matt - congratulations on promoting nishikigoi on a pretty large stage!

Matthew’s also been welcoming new and old customers to Clearwater Koi HQ, even posing with a certain magazine! There’s plenty of new stock on site, and as they say… “You snooze, you lose” - so swing by and check them out.

Koi Magazine

Koi Food

Kusuri. The well-known brand has just launched a new formula Multiseason koi food with a host of benefits. The Kusuri Team plans to have it available at The National Koi Show at the end of the month. It includes unique gut microbiome enhancers called Koso P10 & X10. So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep an eye on their website for updates, or visit The National Koi Show on the 29th & 30th of June and check it out in person! 

Japanese goldfish - Koi blog

The Koi Collection. Ken Wilkie has been synonymous with Japanese Koi for quite some time, but he now sells a broad selection of rare Japanese Goldfish. These can be kept in a variety of different systems including indoor aquariums, so if you’re looking for something unique or want to add a branch to your tree (like Mr Ken) check out the stocks and give them a call. 

Ken is also about to upload a wave of newly released koi to his website, including a great selection of tosai and jumbo tosai, which have just finshed their quarantine procedure. Be sure to keep those eyes on the prize!

Ken: 07973 442222

Sophie: 07738 510181

koi nets - koi blog

Norfine Nets. Dan and the team have been busy prepping new stock for the upcoming koi shows. Norfine is the go-to UK brand of koi handling equipment, as well as supplying all manner of useful net-related solutions for koi keepers, dealers and breeders. If you’re looking for high-quality, UK-made products, their first appearance will be at The National Koi show, where you can check out their products up close and personal. 

07378 103 743

Elite koi - koi magazine

Elite Koi. Although Chris Jubb has sponsored the magazine before, via Koi S.O.S., his company Elite Koi, is now on board. Chris has been busy editing videos from his buying trip to Japan. He hadn’t been for several years, but with a change to his business model this year, he was back out and ready to share his adventures. For those who love seeing anything Japan-related, you can see Chris’s videos via his channel.

Viking Fish Health - koi

Viking Fish Health. Simon has been travelling up and down the country treating koi in need and offering pond improvement services. This time of the year can be tricky for many hobbyists, with temperamental temps and new additions introducing unwanted critters. Gents like Simon can prove very helpful in times of need, with their knowledge and guidance helping us to avoid disaster.

In Volume Five of World of Nishikigoi, I followed Simon on a substantial Koi SOS visit to help a highly decorated koi keeper with problems so complicated he was ready to throw in the towel. It’s a fascinating story to follow and a great way to see what Simon gets up to. Be sure to check it out!

Simon is based in Nottingham and covers a large area of the country. You can discover more about his services here:

koi magazine

Koi Water Barn. Another new sponsor is UK staple Koi Water Barn - a company that needs no introduction. Manager Amir has been busy prepping new stocks for visiting customers. He informs me they have a huge selection of high-quality tosai in stock from some of the best breeders in Japan, plus a special selection of nisai from Sakai Fish Farm.

koi blog

Many hobbyists in the UK love growing koi from tosai/nisai, so if you’re looking for something with pedigree, check out their website, which is now regularly updated. Remember, finding koi requires hunting - so get on it!

EZ Pond Koi

Ez Pond. Allan Gavin never stops, and another new product in the line-up is The EZ Water Level Management System. This accessory brings you an automatic top-up combined with an integrated adjustable overflow. It can be mounted anywhere outside your pond, connected by a simple tank connector and 1.5" pipe (a mains water feed is required). It’s a tidy little unit that integrates with any tank or pond. If you’d like to learn more, follow the link below. 

Beautiful Koi. Justin from Beautiful Koi is working hard to complete his new sales ponds ready for the summer season. The company is a new sponsor of the magazine, striving to provide a unique service to koi keepers.

I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of the build as Justin has talked me through his exciting plans. I’m sure he might let me share some snippets here, but for now, if you fancy checking out this new company, click the link.

Queen Koi - Koi Blog

Queni Koi. Adam Walker recently held an open day and released many new tosai for the summer season. He laid out several bowls in a Japanese sales format to allow for easier viewing, and the turnout was very healthy, with people itching to get first pick. Adam even organised a catering company to arrive and feed everyone - for free! Here’s the walk-around video he posted as a teaser the day before. 

I caught up with Adam after the event, and he was glad he could offer a space for hobbyists to mingle, socialise and grab a good deal. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for mini-events like this that pop up throughout the year. Dealers often pull out all the stops, and it’s good to support them, but be warned your wallet may come out and play!

There’s still plenty of affordable tosai on-site and savings on nisai and older koi. These will make way for new stocks coming through from quarantine over the next month or so. Here are a few bowl shots from me quickly dipping tosai ponds and a sneak peek of what’s heading into the shop from quarantine in July. Prices for the koi in the video start from £95 each. 

Call - 0116 267 7053

World of Nishikigoi. Volume Five has been landing on the doormats of subscribers worldwide, and the feedback has been incredibly positive, so thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reach out - it really does make it all worthwhile. I’m very proud to produce the UK’s Printed Koi Magazine, and if you would like something printed and tangible in a digital age (for very little money), subscribe today via the link below.

koi magazine

In other news, I’ve been catching up with Koi Dealers and visiting hobbyists, gearing up for the season ahead. It’s great to hear of so much going on within the hobby and industry, with many exciting things to look forward to - much of which I’ll share here.

The first major event is The National Koi Show at the end of the month. It's the BKKS flagship show, and they pull out all the stops. It’s even bigger this year and promises hobbyists a host of dealers from all over the country in one location. Just think of the petrol you’ll save not driving to their premises! Also, exhibitors from all over the UK will exhibit their finest koi - my favourite bit! The show is a great day out and a fantastic start to the show season. It’s located in the West Midlands and is easy enough for people to get to, so why not come along - better still, why not spread the word?

Last year, I highlighted that if every attendee aimed to bring a friend or family member who had not yet been to a show, the attendance would double rapidly. Koi shows require our feet on the ground, so make a day of it and drag some koi pals with you! Check out the show poster below. 

national koi show

koi blog

In May, I visited Joe Mitchell from The Koi Perspective, a new online magazine. I’ve known Joe for a while now, and he’s a great guy who’s keen to promote the koi industry and hobby to as many people as possible. You could say we have a few things in common! 

The digital magazine is free and comes out on the first of every month, featuring exclusive video content and interviews. You can check out the latest issue here, and sign up to get it sent directly to your inbox. 

Here’s my interview with Joe, it's something I’ve never done before, but he was a gracious host who made me feel comfortable, for which I thank him. I look forward to collaborating with Joe again in the future.

Well, that’s about it! I hope everyone is enjoying their hobby as the weather slowly warms up. Be sure to get outside, enjoy your ponds, catch up with koi pals and visit koi dealers and koi shows in person. Why? It's good for the soul - that's why! 

Catch you next time,



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