Chosen Koi

"Chosen Koi is owned and operated by Paul Green who has been a passionate koi keeper for over 14 years. Back in 2015 he decided to take the step from being a hobbyist to a specialist koi carp dealer and began construction of his superb facility based in Essex.

The store focuses on livestock only and all of the Koi for sale are exclusively imported from Japan. The whole ethos behind this is “Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well”.

A great deal of focus is placed on customer service and Paul is keen to ensure that he can dedicate his undivided attention to anybody who visits Chosen Koi. For this reason he decided to operate on an appointment only basis. So each and every visitor can enjoy a cuppa and a chat while viewing the collection of top quality Koi."

"Imperial Koi opened its doors in early 2007 and ever since we have built a formidable reputation with our regulars for supplying healthy, quality koi that represent excellent value for money. 

We very quickly branched out into the design and build of specialised Koi ponds, tailored to the specific needs of every client. Having helped many koi enthusiasts dreams become a reality, we have built a striking portfolio of stunning koi ponds. 

We sell Japanese koi from our website ONLY as our new CEFAS certified koi facility is not open to public visits. This means that you can buy beautiful, healthy koi from the comfort of your home and have them delivered directly, at no extra cost! 

Imperial Koi is an outlet run by true koi enthusiasts who have a passion for building beautiful ponds and importing unusual and unique koi."


"EZ Pond Limited, the UK’s leading fiberglass pond/tank manufacturers.

Specialists in our field for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail.

The EZ Pond Range has been developed for fish keepers throughout the UK, be it Koi, Goldfish or exotic species, EZ Pond have the solution.

The unique design of the EZ Pond, enables anyone to set up a pond in their own garden, house or garage."

"We decided to build our small but perfectly formed premises in order to offer healthy Japanese koi to the public.


We pride ourselves on hand picking all our koi directly from some of the most respected breeders in Japan including: Torazo, Sakuma, Seki, Hasegawa, Shinoda, Oofuchi, Kurihara, Marata, Kaneko and many more!

All of our koi under go a strict quarantine procedure including the full heat ramping protocol outlined by CEFAS. We do everything we can to ensure our koi leave us in the best possible health and condition. 

Clearwater Koi is Kent's newest Koi and Coldwater fish outlet, we have lots planned for the future...so watch this space!"

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"The Koi Collection has been supplying high quality Japanese koi carp for over 25 years. We also keep a vast stock of koi related products. From Filtration, koi food and treatments to heaters, pipe-fittings and koi books - if it's worth owning, we probably have it in stock! 

 We have one of the largest koi only facilities in the UK, with over 34 individually filtered sales ponds containing koi from some of Japan's leading breeders. With mud ponds containing over 300,000 gallons of water and two 20,000-gallon show ponds you can be sure our koi are given the best possible conditions to thrive. 


We were one of the first koi dealers in the UK to be given ‘Bio-Secure’ status by Dr Paula Reynolds (BSC PHD BA.) We employ a very strict quarantine protocol that includes heat cycling in accordance with CEFAS regulations and ensure that every breeder gets a separate system. We have been importing, keeping and selling Japanese Koi Carp for over 25 years - that's experience money can't buy!"