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How To Purchase Your Copy


The official launch of 'World of Nishikigoi' is incoming, and we're making it exceptionally easy to get your hands on a copy.


The Launch.

I thought it was fitting to launch Volume One at an event that marked my first contact with the 'Show Scene' (when I was a mere young’un).


The National Koi Show 2022 will take place on the 2nd & 3rd of July, and World of Nishikigoi will be available exclusively to anyone who visits the show! Find my table in the main tent (easily spotted), introduce yourself and pick up a copy before it goes on general sale

- it's as simple as that!   


Enjoy yourself at a fantastic koi show AND pick up a copy of a cool new koi magazine for £10.00 - A TENNER! What more could you wish for?! 


What if…?

If you can’t make the show (worry not), the ONLINE SHOP will be open after the event. You can purchase a copy online and get it delivered directly or catch me at another UK Koi Show - and save on delivery! 


World of Nishikigoi is exactly that and will be available to any koi enthusiast - anywhere in the world! The magazine is in the English language but, should you want a copy, even if you’re in Timbuktu - I’ll get one to you! (Subject to delivery charge).  


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