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AJKS 2023

Well, the results are in for the biggest koi show on earth. I've been living vicariously through the team of photographers and journalists who are currently out there covering the action. They're doing a fantastic job and between them all, there isn't much that doesn't get coverage. Bravo to them!

Taking the Grand Champion title is this 100cm Sakai Fish Farm sanke.

I've included two photos here by two very well-known and respected koi photographers, Johan Leurs (Koi Zanmai) left and Jane Maneerat on the right. Both excellent shots. I always enjoy comparing photos, as a photographer, it's a great learning tool as through comparison, you can pick up on different styles and editing preferences. It's also a great way to get a feel for the fish when you can't be there in the flesh, the different shots can give you different perspectives and when you then compare photos to a well-captured video - seeing the qualities of a koi such as this becomes very easy.

See Jane's video below:

You can follow both photographers here, definitely worthwhile...

Jane Maneerat:

Johan Leurs:

Full Results

If you want to check out all the winning koi from the show and goggle at some of Japan's finest koi-of-the-moment, you can head to this website:

The layout is really pleasing, there are stunning koi to view and if you have the google translate app on your phone you can even check out the details in English. 😉

Here's a wee gallery of some koi that caught my eye whilst scrolling:

Definitely some eye candy, but which are your favourites?

Don't forget you can pick up a copy of our magazine here:


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