Beautiful Bonsai

On a trip to Japan two years ago I visited a wonderful place, full to the brim with the best bonsai I have ever seen.

The prices were indeed eye-watering but when you consider the work, time and dedication involved in rearing these beautiful trees, the prices soon become justified.

In honesty, I don’t think I’d ever truly appreciated this as the incredible art form it is until I’d seen these trees up close. You can’t help but feel grounded in the ’here and now’ when you look up from your tablets and phones and lay your eyes on a living piece of art and appreciate everything that’s aligned to make it ‘just so.’ A moment of Zen.

Maybe that’s why koi keeping is so appealing as well?

There are many koi keepers who are keen and talented gardeners too, combining both garden and pond, of course they compliment each other wonderfully.

So, how many of you keep bonsai? - and how many of you want to after seeing these!


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