BLANKET WEED - Let Battle Commence

Spring is well and truly in full swing and for some of us blanket weed will become a real issue. If not now, very soon! Not only is it terribly unsightly, it can also reek havoc on our pumps, drains and filters. If left unchallenged this can make the summer months of koi keeping rather tedious.

From my experience striking early is key to winning the good fight. If you know your pond usually suffers with blanket weed it really is best to get some treatment in as soon as the temps start to rise. As a preventative it can do wonders for giving you a season free of the dreaded ‘Green Stuff.‘

There are a few brands out there that work really well. But it does depend on your water chemistry and it is somewhat trial and error to find the product that gets the best results for you.

Main Brands:

* Aqua Source *

* Cloverleaf *

* Evolution Aqua *

Let Battle Commence.


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