Chatter koi - Koi Fix

Ken and Sophie at The Koi Collection teamed up with Dean Dimarco and Chatter Koi to host the ‘Koi Fix‘ event today. It was a great day to chillout and catch up with some like-minded koi folk, with a few bargains to be had as well...

Plenty of koi made their way into the bowl, with lots of discussion to follow. It’s great to see hobbyists gather around potential purchases and throw out their opinions and thoughts. Certainly something that has been missed this year with the absence of koi shows.

Many a burger and hot dog were consumed - but mainly by the chef!

The Koi Collection and Chatter koi had organised a raffle, the lucky winner selected this very tidy Nogami Tosai as their prize. Certainly worth the trip out! See video below...

Some more koi that were sold on the day from the newly refurbished fish house...

It has been a very strange year indeed and it‘s affected the social side of the hobby quite dramatically, but with dealers and forums holding the odd social event here and there it has definitely helped see us through the year.

So let’s raise a glass to all of them!


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