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ChatterKoi PhotoShow - Awards!

The ChatterKoi PhotoShow first ran in 2015 to encourage grassroots hobbyists to get involved with the show scene from the comfort of their own homes. Dean Dimarco (Founder of the ChatterKoi Forum) has steadily grown the event each year, and it's safe to say it's becoming very popular!

How does it work?

Exhibitors submit photographs of the koi they wish to enter (which must adhere to simple criteria), they bench the koi online and then wait to hear the Judge's verdict. Basically, for a pleasurable day bowling and photographing a few of your koi, you could enter a competitive koi show and potentially grab a prize or two - all without your fish seeing a bag or box!

But there's more!

The wonderful thing about the ChatterKoi PhotoShow is that the team not only put massive effort into the show itself, but they also hold an official awards-giving day with trophies and such - all of which are of brilliant quality and add a lovely touch to a great show. Bonus!

This year, the event took place at Warwickshire Koi - in Warwick, believe it or not! Rich Williams (the proprietor) generously offered to accommodate the exhibitors and their guests for the day, showing great hospitality. The surroundings are stunning, and Rich has plans for impressive expansion in the near future, with a Japanese-Style fish house. I managed to have a sneaky scout around before people arrived...

Back to the show!

This year, 387 koi were entered, in 50 'vats' - for an idea of scale, that's 37 koi more than The National Koi Show held last July - there was certainly no shortage of fish! Allan Tait was tasked with the challenge of judging the show, and hats off to him because judging that amount of koi single-handedly is no easy task - respect!

Obvious or not, one must remember that seeing a photo differs from seeing a koi in the flesh, and in this sense, PhotoShows stand on their own. The koi are judged solely on the qualities evident in the pictures, nothing else. What they might look like in the flesh and how they might compare to other koi in the flesh is irrelevant. With that said, let's take a look at some winners...


The Major Awards for the ChatterKoi PhotoShow - 2022

All England Koi Show Grand Champion 2021

Grand Champion

Owner: John Wallace

All England Koi Show Mature Champion 2021

Mature Champion

Owner: Ged McElvaney

All England Koi Show Young Champion 2021

Adult Champion

Owner: Karen Tovey

All England Koi Show Baby Champion 2021

Young Champion

Owner: Ian Cappitt

All England Koi Show Jumbo Champion 2021

Baby Champion

Owner: Gary & Beth Parker

All England Koi Show Best Non Go-Sanke 2021

Best Doitsu

Owner: Paul Wake

Omosako Shiro Utsuri - World of Nishikigoi

Best Kin Ginrin

Owner: Karen Tovey

Best Non Go Sanke

Owner: Ged McElvaney

Best Kujaku

Owner: Ged McElvaney

Best Kawarimono

Owner: Allan Prothero

Most Unique

Owner: Woody Westwood

Best Asagi/Shusui

Owner: Paul Kirkbride

Best Hikari Utsuri

Owner: Robert Robson

Best Tancho

Owner: Nigel Bream

Best Koromo

Owner: Robert Robson

Best Sanke

Owner: Ged McElvaney

Best Showa

Owner: Gary & Beth Parker

Best Bekko

Owner: Paul Comerford

Best Tategoi

Owner: Raymond Tang

Best Novice

Owner: Allan Prothero

Best Overall Vat

Owner: Ged McElvaney

Best ManCave

Owner: Ged McElvaney

Best Filter Room

Owner: Kevin Goodall

The competition was extremely healthy, and it was no easy feat to win any of these awards. For some exhibitors, it was their first attempt, a delicate dip of the toe in koi show waters, and from what I could see, everyone seemed glad they entered. Some young koi keepers also picked up places, which was fantastic! Congratulations to all that took part and of course to the winners - what an achievement!

The ChatterKoi Team also arranged a brilliant raffle with some generous donations by dealers from all over the country. Many attendees left with a prize under their arm. I, however, did not, and I'm bitter - oh so very bitter!

The day was a great laugh, with many people meeting each other for the first time - by all accounts a proper "koi social!' Deano, unfortunately, had some atrocious 'games' lined up for a few unlucky victims. One consisted of eating the smelliest fish known to man - RIP to those poor souls, we shall remember them...

Aside from the hellish fish, there was a great spread of food, keeping everyone's bellies full. A big thank you to Head Chef Don, who manned his post all day and did a sterling job.


Sometimes events like this can slip under the radar, and I think it's essential that we give them whatever exposure and support we can so that they can grow and thrive year on year. They offer a great opportunity to hobbyists of all levels, encouraging them to try exhibiting in a manageable way whilst opening the floor to newcomers and the wider hobby. A truly fantastic effort (by all involved) to make a positive impact on the koi hobby - what a cracking day!

Good vibes and koi all round

- and that's about as good as it gets!

Fancy getting involved? Keep your eyes peeled for the next one here:

Meanwhile, enjoy a few shots from the day...


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