Clearwater Koi - South Kent Club Day

With the absence of koi shows this year there have been few opportunities for koi keepers to get together and chew the cud.

Well next Saturday, Clearwater Koi hosts the South Kent Club's 'get together,' everyone is welcome to attend, club member or not, grab some grub, a deal or two and have a good old natter. Here's what Clearwater Koi have published:

"We are pleased to announce we will be welcoming and hosting South Kent Koi Club members to a club day on Saturday 18th July from 10am to 2pm.

All koi for sale will be in show vats outside in our yard, to enable strict social distancing for everyone.

Hand sanitiser etc. will also be available for everyone to use.

Members will receive club discount on livestock purchases. Food & hot drinks will be available on the day FOC to all who attend. Other drinks will be available to purchase.

We hope to see club members and Clearwater Koi friends and customers there too, as everyone’s welcome to come along.

Thanks from everyone at Clearwater Koi."

Link to the FaceBook event:


Be sure to contact Clearwater Koi for more details: 07771 897108


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