Ez-Pond HQ Visit

Today I visited Allan and Lois Gavin of Ez-Pond Limited and was quite simply blown away by the quality of the products and the scale of the operation.

We spent a few hours talking about the construction process, the materials used, the company's ethos and also their plans for the future. Accompanied by Lee Essex of West Midlands Koi (Ez-Pond's main agent and stockist) and a few warm brews - much chatting was done! All the details of which will be discussed in a forthcoming article, so watch this space...

Allan and Lois care immensely about what they do and that can be seen in each and every product they manufacture. Not only is it fantastic to see a company who offer a superior service doing so well, but also, these versatile tanks are attracting plenty of newbies to the hobby and that deserves a huge pat on the back! 

Positive vibes for the hobby!

The full article is coming very soon, but If you would like more information about their products, see their website or FaceBook page:



EZ-Pond Ltd Limited are currently working incredibly hard to keep up with demand. These are just a few of the units delivered in October so far! 😳


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