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Koi Shows Are Back!

Sunday saw the BKKS Yorkshire Section’s annual closed koi show marking the first live koi show since COVID19 reared its ugly head.

What a wonderful start to August!

As silly as it sounds, given the circumstances and having seen the death of the UK show scene since 2020, the Yorkshire Section must have felt the added pressure to deliver...

But make no mistake, this show triumphed and stood as a proud testament to the hard work and determination of everyone involved in making it happen. It also delivered a much needed positive message for the UK koi hobby...


For those that are unfamiliar with what a “closed" koi show means, it’s a show that Joe public can attend, but only club members are permitted to enter koi. This makes closed shows a more intimate event in comparison to "open" shows like The National or The All England, however don’t let this put you off, the quality of koi on display makes attending absolutely worthwhile, not to mention, every koi show offers an opportunity to learn something new and meet fellow koi enthusiasts!

Even the intermittent early drizzle couldn't dampen spirits.

The Yorkshire Section has a thriving membership and so there were plenty of vats containing some wonderful specimens. Alongside this, Kitsu Koi, The Wooden Koi Company, and Accrington District Bonsai Association had stands to peruse, as well as a refreshments tent offering a 'hearty' display of some of the best cake I’ve consumed in some time.

I practically inhaled my first slice of Victoria Sponge - Naughty!

Accrington and District Bonsai Association - Couldn't resist a shot!

Plenty of dealers who weren’t present on the day very generously offered their support to the show including the main show sponsors Queni Koi, Hikari and Kusuri. Others that showed their support in various forms included AquaSource, Gatwick Koi, The Koi Clinic, Koi Water Barn and Koi Masters.

Hard at Work

The Major Prizes

Grand Champion

Wayne Taylor

Size 6 // Kohaku // Okawa

Mature Champion

Wayne Taylor

Size 6 // Utsurimono // Omosako

Adult Champion

Paul McLennan

Size 5 // Kohaku // Momotaro

Young Champion

James Colley

Size 3 // Kohaku // Torazo

Photo Courtesy of Mike Hughes

Baby Champion

Larry & Pauline Lambert

Size 2 // Kohaku // Maruyama

Peter Waddington Award

Wayne Taylor

Size 6 // Showa // Ueno

Mark Gardner Award

Martin Durkan

Size 4 // Kawarimono

Fred Harston Trophy

David Tranmer

Size 5 // Hikarimono

AquaSource Award

Millie Bunting

Size 6 // Doitsu

The Koi Clinic Award

Wayne Taylor

Size 6 // Utsurimono // Omosako

John Ellis Bowl - Best Novice

David Bradley

Best Junior

Millie Bunting

Best Junior

Shannon Tranmer

The Trophy Table

Congratulations to all the winners and also congratulations to every single hobbyist who made the courageous effort to enter!

It's daunting enough carting your prized pets to a small field, leaving them in a temporary vat all day and allowing people to goggle at them. But when you also consider the countless hours and money invested in purchasing, raising and conditioning every koi that sees a show vat, along with the sheer dedication and determination this requires - well, anyone who enters is a winner in my books, regardless of the glass on the mantle!

More Koi... (click to enlarge)

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed my day up't north, the show was well attended which must have been a huge relief for the organisers and exhibitors alike. I've got to say, it was fantastic to see so many hobbyists in one place, coming together from all walks of life to share their fascination for Nishikigoi. On the drive back I was reflecting on the immense hard work and effort that must've gone into organising and putting on such a koi show. Remember, this is done by volunteers who give up their time to tackle every aspect of creating an event that all koi enthusiasts can enjoy and in this case - entry was free!

So, next time, before you scoff at this and that or complain that you expected something "a bit bigger," check yourself and remember that behind every koi show is a small but fiercely dedicated team of koi enthusiasts, who could always do with a little extra help...

Bravo Yorkshire Section - You did the hobby proud!

For more information on the Yorkshire Section:

If you're kicking yourself for missing a brilliant day out, then you better come along to the next koi show on the calendar. The National. Be there:

Here's a selection of shots taken throughout the day... (click to enlarge)


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Excellent write up as you said a very enjoyable day and some stunning koi on show well done to all involved .


A superb write up Liam supported by some great photos, it was a great show to start the koi season off again👍


A super report Liam. Thank you for coming up on the day. The YSBKKS team delivered a great show for everyone to enjoy. As show chairman, I am grateful to each of them, to our main sponsors, Queni Koi, Hikari and Kusuri and to all those who helped with vat sponsorships and raffle prizes. A big Thank You to you all!

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