Konishi Kohaku Challenge - Results!

Three tategoi gin rin kohaku, your challenge was to put them in order of the breeders preference.

Lots have you have posted your thoughts on social media, so it’s time to reveal the results.

Makoto’s order of preference...

Well done to those of you that got it right!

It’s always interesting to see different preferences and highlight the various criteria under which we can appreciate a koi. For example, whether it be for showing now, growing to jumbo sizes or for competing at young koi show sizes in the future.

This was Makoto's educated preference based on what he knows of his bloodlines and what he can expect further down the line. I can definitely see that the combination of a unique but balanced pattern, stunning skin quality and a strong frame placed A in the top spot. I can imagine this koi looking very powerful when bigger, aided by the pattern style and its placement.

Interestingly, drawing from my experience selling koi, if they were offered for sale in a UK sales pond I'd predict C to sell first, then B, then A - There's something to learn there about UK koi tastes...

P.s. My preference was A - C - B .... I'll keep trying!


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