Kujaku Challenge

I've tested you on shusui recently - but now for something completely different...

Pictured below are four kujaku of the same age, bred by Konishi Koi Farm.

The Challenge

Select the koi the breeder believes to be the best prospect for the future...

The Number One

Side Note:

The kujaku above were imported by Imperial Koi in around 2012 and I'd like to thank Nikki for the pictures. Since then Konishi Koi Farm have introduced Kujaku with a Karashigoi Bloodline, in the hopes of increasing the size potential and structure of their stunning metallic jewels. Feast your eyes on these sansai, ranging between 72cm-76cm...

(Pictures Courtesy of Makoto Konishi)

The development of the powerful frame below is transformative...

Imperial Koi: www.imperialkoiimports.com

Konishi Koi Farm: http://www.nishikigoi.co.jp/english/


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