Major Awards - The All England Young Koi Show


The Major Awards for the All England Young Koi Show - 2022

*Dealer and Breeder info to be added as it comes through to me

All England Koi Show Grand Champion 2021

Grand Champion & Size 5 Champion

Owner: Craig Hooton

Sanke // 62cm // Matsue // Kitsu Koi

All England Koi Show Mature Champion 2021

Size 4 Champion

Owner: Andy Baker

Kohaku // 53cm // Sakai Co. // Yume Koi Japan

All England Koi Show Young Champion 2021

Size 3 Champion

Owner: Robert Robson

Sanke // 39cm // Takano // Exclusively Koi

All England Koi Show Baby Champion 2021

Size 2 Champion

Owner: Andy Day

Showa // 34cm // Omosako // Gatwick Koi

All England Koi Show Jumbo Champion 2021

Size 1 Champion

Owner: David Edge

Kohaku // 24.5cm // Taniguchi // Gatwick Koi

All England Koi Show Best Non Go-Sanke 2021

NVN Friendship Award

Owner: Jason Smith

Gin Rin Goshiki // 49cm // Hiroi // Walcott Koi

Omosako Shiro Utsuri - World of Nishikigoi

Belgian Koi Society Friendship Award

Owner: John Wallace

Showa // 55cm // Shintaro // Quality Nishikigoi

For more information regarding the South East Section and the All England Young Koi Show:



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