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Major Awards - The Great British Koi Show '23

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine

Its second year running and the GBKS provided koi lovers with another great event to socialise, grab a bargain and immerse themselves in all things nishikigoi. Organisers had tweaked a few things from last year to make improvements (including a trickle-in system) and even made the footprint 50% bigger. Hat's off to everyone involved, from the show team, build team, sponsors, exhibitors and judges - another positive weekend in the world of koi!

More to follow, but congratulations to every exhibitor! P.s. Many thanks to Geoff Winn & Aaron Eden for their help.


The Major Awards for the

Great British Koi Show 2023!

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Sanke

Grand Champion

Owner: Carl Morrison

Sanke // 74cm // Sakai Fish Farm // Queni Koi

Supreme Champion

Owner: Craig Rendall

Sanke // 73cm // Okawa // Dock Koi

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Chagoi

Best Non Go Sanke

Owner: Shaun Gee

Chagoi // 87cm // Okawa //Oaks Farm Koi

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Mature Champion

Wayne Taylor

Kohaku // 74cm // Okawa // Yume Koi Japan

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Sanke

Adult Champion

Owner: Craig McNish

Sanke // 60cm // Sakai Fish Farm // Queni Koi

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - sanke

Young Champion

Owner: Lee Hadfield

Sanke // 51cm // NND // Exclusively Koi

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Showa

Baby Champion

Owner: Lee Hadfield

Showa // 33cm // Isa // Queni Koi

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Jumbo Koi

Jumbo Champion

Owner: Kevin Green

Karashigoi // 93cm

Showa - Koi Magazine - World of Nishikigoi

Best Doitsu

Owner: Ron Tyler

Doitsu Showa // 20cm // Hiroi // Shirley Aquatics

Koi Magazine Shiro Utsuri

Dealers Choice Award

Mike Hughes // Lee Bailey

Owner: Martyn Underwood

Shiro Utsuri // 54cm // Marusho // Avenue Fisheries

For Something Different

I'd like to take this moment to award a very special award myself - I am sure the club won't mind and will soon adopt this into the prestigious band of 'Major Awards' (please detect my sarcasm). Presenting...

The World of Nishikigoi

'Most-Awkward-Koi-to-Shoot-So-Far-This-Year' Award

Owner: Craig McNish

Sanke // 60cm // Sakai Fish Farm // Queni Koi

** I pray the next two shows don't throw me another like this! **

If you would like to find out more regarding The Great British Koi Show:

World of Nishikigoi now produces a koi magazine for the koi enthusiast. More info here:

Koi Magazine


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