Major Awards - The Mid Staffs Koi Show

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The friendly bunch at The Mid Staffs Koi Society put on a great show, with a really welcoming atmosphere. A jolly relaxing weekend!


The Major Awards for the 2022

Mid Staffs Koi Show!

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Grand Champion

Owner: Stephen Gear

Kohaku // 76cm // Tamaura // Queni Koi

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Mature Champion

Mark Langford-Rotton

Kohaku // 71cm // Maruboshi // Koi Carp

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Adult Champion

Owner: Stephen Gear

Kohaku // 62cm // Matsue // The Koi Collection

 Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Young Champion & Jimmy Morris Award

Owner: Rob & Jo Burgwin

Gin Rin Kohaku // 46cm // Momotaro // Queni Koi

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Showa

Baby Champion & Best Doitsu

Owner: Paul Dolan

Hikari Moyo // 22cm // Rodbaston Aquaculture

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Jumbo Koi

Jumbo Champion

Owner: Bill Oakley

Chagoi // 98cm // Maurice Cox "Koi-UK"

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Most Unusual

Owner: Kevin Sayers

Kanoko Asagi // 47cm // Byer Koi Farm

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine

Best Beginner

Owner: Nigel Pinfield

Koi Magazine

Best Vat (Chairman's Choice)

Owner: Adam Sandal

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Junior Award

Owner: Dave Perry

Kohaku // 44cm

For those intrigued...

Award Shots...

If you would like to find out more regarding The Great British Koi Show:


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