Major Awards - The National Koi Show

Well, the results are in...

Here are the Major Awards for the 2021 BKKS National Koi Show.

Congratulations to all that took part, there were some truly fantastic koi on display this year!

There's a full write up and more awards to follow but for now...


*Dealer and Breeder info to be added as it comes through to me

Grand Champion A

Owner: Carmen & Ian Jenkins

Kohaku // 85cm // Okawa // Yume Koi

Grand Champion B

Owner: Stuart Toms

Utsurimono // 77cm // Omosako // Yume Koi

Mature Champion

Owner: David Baber

Sanke // 81cm // Momotaro

Adult Champion

Owner: Wayne Taylor

Utsurimono // 63cm // Omosako // Yume Koi

Young Champion

Owner: Craig McNish

Sanke // 49cm // Sakai Fish Farm // Queni Koi

Baby Champion

Owner: Robert Robson

Sanke // 34cm // Takano // Exclusively Koi

Jumbo Champion

Owner: David Baber

Showa // 91cm // Ueno

Best Tategoi - The Peter Waddington Award

Owner: John Hulton

Sanke // Size 7 // Matsunosuke // Springbank Koi

The Ralph Pegden Award - Best Kujaku

Owner: David Tranmer

Hikarimoyo // size 5 // Suetsugu // Koi Masters

Everyman Trophy

Owner: Wayne Taylor

Utsurimono // 63cm // Omosako // Yume Koi

Best Doitsu

Owner: Jason Bytheway

Doitsu Kohaku // 28cm // Hiroi // Holmeswood Koi

Best Newcomer

Craig McNish

Best Exhibitor

Jason Smith

If you would like to find out more regarding the BKKS or its National Koi Show:



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