Maruhiro - Showa

Not ‘Text Book’ by any means but I’ve always had a soft spot for this showa, it resides in a very well kept koi pond. I get the lovely job of cataloging the koi in said pond every year. The pond is not heated during the summer months and so the koi are not pushed in terms of growth, as it were. Nevertheless, they continue to add length and body every year and the condition of the koi is always very good. The only preparation the hobbyist does before my visit is to stop feeding for a few days.

Pond Specs:

4500 gallons

Gravity fed - single aerated drain

Four inch Skimmer

Ultra Sieve iii

Super fish 20k

Ultra bead

Matting Chamber

EVO 110 uv

Airtech 150

This video was taken in August last year, I’m looking forward to what this year brings.

Courtesy of Maruhiro Koi Farm


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