Oddballs & Yoshikigoi

A brief post this one, but I wanted to share...

I had a rather pleasant koi nerding afternoon with Ashley Dart at Yoshikigoi UK, being in the area I thought I'd ask if I could pop in for a socially distanced chinwag.

As one might expect, it didn't take long to get some koi in the bowl whilst chewing the cud and the discussion soon turned to the appreciation of skin quality...


The lustre on this nisai kujaku glistened, the scalation is even and the matsubamon is developing well. Not an expensive example but if one is looking for a kujaku with lustre that excels the price, this is very interesting.


This Beni Kikokuryu has stunning lustre to the skin. The zipper line of scales is also pretty perfect and although the pattern is sparse (which will be the reason for the lower price) It makes for an attractive oddball!


This more orange coloured Beni Kikokuryu also has excellent lustre, as well as having a unique and pleasing pattern. Really caught my eye.


Different shades - Beni Kikokuryu.


The skin on this Kikusui was blinding and the sparse, spotted pattern highlighted it, very pretty indeed and again a wonderfully symmetrical zipper.


A more expensive specimen, this Beni Kikokuryu quite simply shone!


Two Kikokuryu posing cheek to cheek.

And just for Ash, out came his Atarashi Ochiba...

Ash informed me how the speckles tend to disappear in warmer water, he says this is when she looks her best. This is a variety that Yoshikigoi have become very popular for. It's the 'eyeliner' separating the colours that I love.

Final Thoughts...

I had a great afternoon looking at some unique koi and catching up with Ashley. It was an interesting reminder that skin quality is very important and that looking for great skin and lustre in the more unusual examples should be top priority.

The 'oddball' varieties might be for you, they might not. Yoshikigoi might be for you, they might not... Me?

Whilst I am usually more 'traditional' in my choices, I love Nishikigoi and I can always appreciate good attributes, regardless of where they've been bred. Respect.

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