Shusui Challenge

It's been a while, so let's get those brains in gear!

For those of you who have purchased the most recent copy of the 'Nishikigoi Yearbook' (volume seven) - your choice should well informed by the information on page 78! For the rest of you, fret not, apply what you know.

So, let's get to it...

Above are four high quality tosai shusui courtesy of Konishi Koi Farm

Your mission is to identify the koi that the breeder believes is the best prospect for the future...

Answers on a post card - Good Luck!

(the result will be revealed soon)

Side Note:

For those curious, Konishi Koi Farm produce some absolutely stunning shusui, being one of the farms flagship varieties alongside their famous karashigoi and kujaku. The beni quality of Konishi shusui is particularly good and very stable indeed, I have an updated shot of one of the shusui pictured below some 8 years on! (I'll share it alongside the challenge results)

These three examples were supplied to UK hobbyists in around 2012.

(Thanks to Nikki Murrell of Imperial Koi for the shots)


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