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The Birmingham & West Mids Koi Show 2022

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Well, that's it, UK Koi Shows are over for 2022…

The BWMKS was the last show of 2022 and despite the club being short of troops on the ground (for various reasons), every volunteer and exhibitor pulled out all the stops to ensure it was a great event to end the season - that's dedication!

I plan to do a post that goes into more detail regarding our shows this year but (for now) please enjoy! Congratulations to all involved!

Major Awards

The Birmingham & West Midlands Koi Show - 2022

Major winners, Dave Jones, Kevin Sayer, Mark Chetter (Chairman), James Millward, Tyler Apperley, Andy Birch (Ron Tyler Absent)

Koi Magazine - Sanke

Grand Champion

Owner: James Millward

Sanke // 73cm // Momotaro // Absolute koi

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Mature Champion

Owner: James Millward

Kohaku // 71cm // Sakai Co // Yume Koi Japan

Koi Magazine - Goshiki

Adult Champion

Owner: Kevin Sayers

Showa // Okawa // Aurora Koi

koi magazine

Young Champion

Owner: Tyler Apperley

Gin Rin Showa // 42cm // Sakuma // Shirley Aquatics

Koi Magazine - Sanke

Baby Champion

Owner: Kevin Sayers

Kohaku // Murata // Supreme Koi

Birmingham Koi Show Jumbo Champion 2021

Jumbo Champion

Owner: James Millward

Sanke // 73cm // Momotaro // Absolute koi

Birmingham Koi Show Unique Koi 2021

Most Unique Koi

Owner: Dave Jones

Ochiba Shigure // 39cm // Oofuchi // Walker Koi

koi magazine

Best Doitsu

Owner: Andy Birch

Shusui // 22cm // Byer koi Farm

Beni Kikokuryu - World of Nishikigoi

Show Chairmans Best Vat

Kevin Sayers

For more information regarding the Birmingham and West Midlands Koi Club:

World of Nishikigoi now produces a new koi magazine for the koi hobbyist. More info here:

koi magazine UK


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