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UK Koi Show Dates - 2023

Koi Shows - They're Coming!

Koi shows made a comeback last year after the pandemic had put so many on hold. Koi Societies up and down the country put enormous effort into resurrecting the show scene - and they certainly made themselves known. Last year was a triumph, with over 1950 koi exhibited at 8 shows across the country - and with many show committees keen to grow and improve their events, it could be an exciting year.

A few shows have fallen off the calendar this year, and although this is a shame, each club and committee has to take the decision they believe is right for them. Remember, these events are hobbyist events, staffed by volunteers, and (regardless of their size) they require a huge amount of planning, organisation and (annoyingly) money. If you fancy getting involved and lending a hand (in whatever capacity), why not contact the appropriate show committee via their Facebook page? Link at the end.

As ever, I take an unbiased standpoint on our koi shows. I believe each is valid and important and has its place in the calendar. After all, they all positively promote the hobby by showing the public what koi keeping has to offer. It would be great this year to see a community build among the show committees, supporting each other and helping promote the events among themselves. I've said it before - there's no need for it to be a 'net measuring' competition among organisers, and hopefully, they will see the potential benefits of working together. Pinkies crossed!

Get the dates in your diary!

Here are the shows currently confirmed in chronological order:

The National Koi Show - 1st/2nd July

The Scottish Koi Club Show - 29th/30th July

The Crouch Valley Koi Show - 5th/6th August

The North England Koi Show - 12th/13th August

The Great British Koi Show - 26th/27th August

The Mid Staffs Koi Show - 16th/17th September

The All England Koi Show - 23rd/24th September

*more to be added as details arrive

Currently, there are 7 shows confirmed for 2023 at locations accessible to enthusiasts in most regions. Check out the posters below for more details, and please feel free to download them and share them on your social media platforms or pop them in a text to someone you think might be interested. If we get new people attending, they may get involved and help grow the shows further. Tell them about all the good stuff shows have to offer. I've listed these countless times, but there's the social aspect, the special offers, the chance to see excellent quality koi, to see jumbo koi, the opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, ask dealers and manufacturers questions and quiz other hobbyists for advice - there are loads of positives!

It sounds silly, but if every enthusiast who attends a koi show made it their goal in 2023 to bring a friend who hasn't yet been to one - the attendee count would double rather rapidly! Food for thought...

And because we love looking at pictures of koi, here's a wee gallery of last years Grand Champions, in chronological order...

I wonder what our Champions will be this year?

For more information on the shows and to keep updated with their press releases follow their social media accounts below:


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