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World of Nishikigoi - Magazine Launch!

Well, it’s official - World of Nishikigoi, Vol One - is now in production!

By nature, I’m someone that would much rather show you the magazine than talk about it. However, I also appreciate that many of you will be thinking…

“Who are you, and why are you producing a koi magazine?”

To be fair, they’re valid questions! So, I’ll fill you in on a few more details. I’ve been a fanatic koi keeper for a little over 20 years, I’ve worked in the industry as a dealer, been to Japan on buying trips and more recently, I’ve run a blog promoting and documenting the hobby and show scene. The magazine felt like a logical (albeit bold) transition to exciting new territory.


World of Nishikigoi is an independent, enthusiast-driven magazine that looks to celebrate all things nishikigoi.


Despite being completely independent, this magazine is not for the voice of one - it’s for the voice of many. A collaborative platform for koi enthusiasts (professionals and hobbyists) to share their knowledge and experiences in the hope of aiding better understanding and enjoyment. The magazine will creatively and positively champion one of the very best hobbies on earth - NISHIKIGOI!

Volume One has 128 pages designed to encourage you to grab a brew, put your feet up and leisurely peruse engaging koi-content. Be that in-depth articles, helpful glimpses, sprawling koi stories, pond visits, impressive photo galleries or insightful interviews.

If you love nishikigoi - we got you covered.

The Launch.

You’re probably wondering how you go about getting a copy? Well, I thought it was fitting to launch Volume One at an event that marked my first contact with the 'Show Scene' (when I was a mere young’un).

The National Koi Show 2022 will take place on the 2nd & 3rd of July, and World of Nishikigoi will be available exclusively to anyone who visits the show! Find my table in the main tent (easily spotted 😉), introduce yourself and pick up a copy before it goes on general sale - it's as simple as that!

Enjoy yourself at a fantastic koi show AND pick up a copy of a cool new koi magazine for £10.00 - A TENNER! What more could you wish for?!

What if…?

If you can’t make the show (worry not), the online shop will be open after the event. You can purchase a copy online and get it delivered directly or catch me at another UK Koi Show - and save on delivery!

World of Nishikigoi is exactly that and will be available to any koi enthusiast - anywhere in the world! The magazine is in the English language but, should you want a copy, even if you’re in Timbuktu - I’ll get one to you! (Subject to delivery charge).

I can't wait to share Volume One with you all, and I look forward to meeting some of you at the show! Until then, keep your eyes peeled for more news and help us get off to a flying start by spreading the word!


Find out more about the National Koi Show...


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