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Yorkshire Section BKKS KOI SHOW

Yes - you read the title right! A real life, in-person, live, proper, UK koi show is taking place very soon!

The Yorkshire Section are a lovely bunch and have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure their show offers koi enthusiasts a day to remember. A huge amount of time, work and effort go into organising events like this and the least we can do is put the date in the diary and show up!

It’s a succinct one day event and obviously isn’t on the scale of shows like The National or The All England, but as we often tell ourselves...

- size isn’t everything!

As a lovely nod to a recently departed pioneer of the koi world, The Yorkshire Section will be presenting one lucky exhibitor with the “Peter Waddington Award.” This will be awarded to the best koi in show, irrespective of size and variety, judged by the sharp eyes of Masaru Saito of Shintaro Koi Farm.

Koi Shows aren’t just for exhibitors, they are a wonderful place for people of all walks of life to socialise with fellow enthusiasts, learn about all aspects of the hobby, check out dealers, grab the odd bargain and of course, marvel at the brilliant koi on display.

Aside from that, in these trying times, a koi show offers a great environment to kick back and relax a wee bit. Something we could all do with.

Sunday 1st August - pop along, meet some folk and talk some koi!

ps: there’s also a carvery…just saying!

For more information on all things Yorkshire Section:


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