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Volume One

Volume One 

(A4 - English Language - 748grams approx)




The All England Young Koi Show

We explore the concept of a Young Koi Show and what it offers koi hobbyists, plus we get the judge's verdicts on the stunning Champion Koi, with beautiful koi photos. 


Pond Visit - David Harper 

David shares his stunning 18,000-gallon showstopper pond and its story. A pond visit not to be missed. 


Often a complicated topic, made more confusing by odd rhetoric. We break things down and interview a handful of hobbyists with different water chemistry to learn how they manage their water. 

Project Sumi

We look at a Sakuma sanke owned by Martin and follow its development, hoping to learn clues that can aid us with koi selection. 


Koi Shows 2022

All the Major koi shows of the year and the appropriate koi classes and sizes explained. 


Water Keeping - Sans Drum

Don't own a drum filter? Well, contrary to popular belief, you can still run a highly effective koi pond, and we explore how. 


Young Freddy

An entertaining article about a four-year-old koi keeper. Yes, you read that right! 


Inspirational Ponds

A gallery of beautiful ponds from around the UK. 


Body - The Judge's Perspective 

Liam Bess (Editor) and Allan Tait (BKKS CJ) explore the details of Body Shape and Confirmation from a judge's point of view. 


Chasing the Jumbo Dream 

Many hobbyists are obsessed with growing jumbo koi, but where did this all start? Learn about the jumbo koi movement's history and impact on the hobby and industry. It's profound. 


Diagnostics - Koi Health

The basics are the most important things to master and Deano Dimarco (Koi Clinic/Aqua Source) is here to explain why. Koi health, broken down into digestible chunks. 


Byer Koi Farm - Showa Time

Adam Byer has been experimenting with new showa breeding sets and we wanted to learn why. An insightful look into koi production and chasing the dreams of the magical showa. 


What's the plan - Yume Koi Japan?

Mike Snaden of Yume Koi moved to Japan to set up a business and build a new life. Curious? Well, we were too, so we got out the pen and pencil and asked him some questions. 

Judging Challenge - Results

Can you identify the correct judging order? Anthony Grey (BKKS CJ) explains his reasonings for the rankings. 

Glossary - A Cheat Code for Phrases 

*Plus, a few other fun bits! 


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Volume One

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