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Volume Three

Volume Three

(A4 - English Language - 132 pages - 748grams approx)




The Belgian Koi Show 2023

We visit the ginormous show to uncover the differences between those in the UK, detail the champions and interview the owner of the Grand Champion, Filip Poppe. 


Pond Visit

Graig Hooton shares his recently constructed pond and his journey through the hobby, whilst his pond builder (Lee Bailey) walks us through the build process. A great article for those curious about pond building. 


Japanese Design

Deron Simons (Select Nishikigoi) lays down his contemplations on why/how the Japanese Breeders achieve what they do, and how we can mimic it. It's sure to raise a few eyebrows this one!


Koi Shows - A Guide to Exhibiting  

One we are incredibly proud of. This staggering 35-page article is THE comprehensive guide to showing your koi.  Whether you want to try showing for the first time or you're an experienced exhibitor looking to up your game, this article covers everything, from A to B. The day you make your selections, through to the aftercare involved when bringing them home. With over 20 contributors, including some of the most decorated exhibitors and dealers in the country and head members of the BKKS and JSC - believe us when we say, no one has done it like this before. 


Keith Holmes

Tony Pitham (Koi Water Barn) gives a lovely tribute to his long-term friend, colleague and Koi Maestro. 


Yagenji - A Harvest

We visit Yagenji Koi Farm's sansai Karashigoi harvest and interview the team about how they produce them. 


Pond-side Services

Dr Paula Reynolds gives a brilliant breakdown of what should be expected of those working in pond-side health care and management services. Know what to look for and what to ask when you invite a pond-pro into your home. 


Project Shiro - Koi Development 

Lee Manning allows us to document the development of his stunning Omosako shiro utsuri over a 10-year period. We look at the variety in general and identify the traits presented in this lovely koi. We walk you through every step. 


Cuttlebrook Koi Farm

I visit the UK-based farm as they implement new breeding sets to improve their go-sanke production. A fascinating look into koi production. 


Judging Challenge 

Try your luck selecting koi according to the breeder's top choices and learn why! 


Young Harry 

Harry Harvie shares his pond and story with us in our young koi keeper series. 


The Round Pond - Maruhiro Koi Farm

The most famous pond in the world? We explore why with some exclusive nighttime shots of a jumbo koi drop-off. A unique look at koi-action. 



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Volume Three

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