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Volume Two

Volume Two

(A4 - English Language - 132 pages - 748grams approx)


Hall of Fame - UK Shows 2022

We feature the champion koi of UK Shows 2022 in glorious print. Professional koi photography to admire and appreciate beautiful koi. 


The Mini Koi Pond 

Koi ponds don't have to be massive costly things to build and run, and in this article, we explore the benefits of running a smaller pond. To add ammunition to our argument, Four hobbyists with mini koi ponds give their verdict too, and you get to see their lovely ponds!  


Shintaro Koi Farm - A Harvest

We Joined Tim Waddington for the number one sansai and nisai harvest at Shintaro Koi Farm, learn about the experience and try your luck at selecting Masaru Saito's top tategoi. 


Tap Water 101

With lots of contradicting advice being hurled around the internet by hobbyists and professionals alike, we thought we'd sit down with Andy Finch (Finch Filtration Systems) to get a hold on how to deal with tap water. Probing questions are plentiful. Not to be missed. 


Pond Visit

Mr Lane shares his stunning formal pond and unique collection of koi. Meet a man who loves the weird and wonderful and strives to get them BIG. 


Second Hand Koi 

With second-hand koi sales more popular than ever, we explore the taboo topic with some logic and common sense. 


Simple Stuff Really

Deron Simons (Select Nishikigoi) gives the run-down on how koi are raised in Japan. 20+ years of witnessing the same thing helps him explain the topic with clarity. 


First Time For Everything - Niigata Newbie 

We interview Adam Walker (Queni Koi) about his first visit to Japan and what hobbyists can expect. 


Skin Quality

Toen Feyen (ZNA CJ)  breaks down the science behind skin quality and what makes a koi "shine."


Chasing the Jumbo Dream - Part Two 

In part two of this article we explore the realities of chasing the Holy Grail of koi keeping and if it's something we should consider committing ourselves to.  


Young Henry

Henry Sinclaire and his Dad, Anthony, introduce us to their 6000-gallon pond and how their father and son relationship has been brought closer through koi. 


Life's a Lottery - Koi Sales Events 

A common occurrence in Japan these days, lottery events have changed the way dealers can buy koi, but what are they all about? Well, we went to a high-profile sales event at Isa Koi Farm to find out.  


Project Goshiki 

Often a love/hate variety that is shrouded in confusion, we explore Rob Whittell's prize-winning goshiki over 5 years of development. Learn more about this fascinating variety and clues that can help your selection - with plenty of high-quality photos of course! 


Secret Agents

Evert wondered about the role of koi agents/wholesalers in Japan and how they affect the hobbyist. Me too! In this article, we quiz Chris Edwards (Azukari Koi) who's spent well over 20 years in the game. Truly insightful.  


Byer Koi Farm - Revisited 

We return to Byer Koi Farm to catch up with the koi we've been following, explore their development and delve into Adam's year on the farm. 


Judging Challenge 

Discover the breeder's tategoi and see if you got things in the right order!

*Plus, a few other fun bits! 


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Volume Two

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