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Koi Magazine
a printed magazine celebrating all things nishikigoi
Launched in July 2022, World of Nishikigoi is a koi magazine dedicated to enthusiasts from all walks of life. 
The agenda? To promote the koi hobby and industry via a high-quality printed publication. 


Each 'volume' has 132 pages of engaging koi-content. There are in-depth articles, helpful tips, pond visits, impressive photo galleries and insightful interviews. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned koi veteran, there's something for you. 


We have knowledgeable contributors from around the globe bringing you unique, artistic, unbiased, and entertaining content. There's nothing out there quite like this one.

Passionate about koi? - We got you covered!

Knowledgeable Contributors

Articles written by experienced Breeders, Judges, Health Professionals, Dealers and Hobbyists, providing varied and unrivalled content.  

High-Quality Print

To our knowledge, no other koi magazine in the world uses the paper 'specs' we do. We wanted to make a printed magazine koi keepers could be proud of.

Delivered Directly

To keep things easy, we post the magazines directly to your door. We use high-quality protective packaging to ensure they arrive in top condition.

The Latest Volume

Volume Four is now available!


It's a visual treat packed with stunning images to inspire and invigorate your hobby. Our best-looking volume to date. Packed with content, we introduce a new series following our koi adventures in Japan, there's two koi health articles, koi show galleries, breeder interviews plus many other informative and entertaining articles to expand knowledge and benefit your koi keeping.


If you love koi - you'll love this!

"I’m not much of a reader, I prefer pictures but I read this magazine from cover to cover and I can’t wait for the next one to be released!"
- Aaron

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celebrating all things nishikigoi

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