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"I’m not much of a reader, I prefer pictures but I read this magazine from cover to cover and I can’t wait for the next one to be released!"
- Aaron
Koi Magazine - Koi Blog

World of Nishikigoi is a koi magazine dedicated to koi enthusiasts from all walks of life. The agenda? To promote the koi hobby and industry via a high-quality printed publication.


Each 'volume' has 132 pages that encourage you to grab a brew, put your feet up and leisurely peruse engaging koi-content. Be that in-depth articles, helpful glimpses, sprawling koi stories, pond visits, impressive photo galleries or insightful interviews. There's nothing out there quite like this one.


Unique, artistic, unbiased, hopefully entertaining and most importantly - a celebration of all things nishikigoi!


Passionate about koi? - We got you covered!

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