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Like many koi hobbyists, my love for the 'World of Nishikigoi' runs deep. 


Having been involved with the koi hobby and koi industry for twenty years, I have always been fascinated with these living jewels. I started keeping koi at the age of ten, through my teenage years I worked as a 'weekend boy' at a local koi dealer and eventually in my twenties I was running a koi dealership.

I was consumed!

I then stepped back from the koi industry to focus on other passions but, in time, the hobby called to me again, a few Japan visits later and I realised that resistance was futile. I knew I had to be involved somehow... 


'World of Nishikigoi' has been a work in progress for quite some time, my aim is to promote and support the koi hobby, share things I find interesting and relevant in the hope of sparking debate and maybe provoking some thought.