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Subscribers to the World of Nishikigoi magazine receive a Subscription Card. Once signed by the subscription holder, this Subscription Card may entitle you to certain discounts/benefits at participating retailers.


So far, we have collaborated with some fantastic companies offering subscribers great savings, it's something we're very excited about. This is a new addition and (as such) is still under construction, so check back here for regular updates.


Here's a list of participating retailers currently offering our subscribers discounts/benefits:


Selective Koi Sales - minimum 10% off the advertised price of all koi.​

West Midlands Koi - 10% off all products and koi - excluding the Aquaking Red Label range.

Norfine Nets - 10% off all products purchased from their stands at UK koi shows.

Supreme Koi - 10% off all koi, nisai or older (two years plus), excluding koi currently on offer. Also running other seasonal promotions for subscribers - please check with Mark in-store. 

Walker Koi - Details TBC 

Wakai Trees - 10% off all products purchased from their stands at UK koi shows.

Avenue Fisheries - Details TBC

Koi Carp UK Ltd - 10% off all koi. 

The Koi Collection - Details TBC 

Wirez Bonsai - 10% off all products purchased from their stands at UK koi shows.

Clearwater Koi - 10% off all products and koi - excluding products/koi currently on offer.



Claiming your Subscription Card discounts/benefits. 


Most participating retailers offer the benefits in-store only. We wanted to encourage hobbyists to visit businesses and build valuable relationships - like the good old days! It also protects against the misuse of online discount codes. Some retailers may offer their benefits via social media, WhatsApp groups or email (according to their terms), but you will have to enquire with them. In any case, to access your Subscription Card discounts/benefits:


  1. You must be a subscriber to the World of Nishikigoi magazine. 

  2. You must present a valid (in-date and signed) Subscription Card to claim your discount/benefit at participating retailers.


For our terms and conditions, please click here. By using your World of Nishikigoi Subscription Card, you confirm your acceptance of these terms.

With all of these benefits,
what are you waiting for?

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