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Chosen Koi - Taniguchi Grow Out.

Five months ago, Paul at Chosen koi in Essex secured a mixture of koi from Taniguchi koi farm. The koi were all placed into a 3000 gallon system filtered by a Nexus 200, an Eazy Pod and a Bakki Shower. The pond was heated to between 22-24c and the koi were fed on Coppens Grower and Coppens OSW mix. Five months later, Paul now offers them for sale...

If you'd like to take a look at the whole collection of Taniguchi koi, there are prices to suit all budgets here:

Here are a couple that caught my eye.

Let's take a closer look at their development.

First up is an impressive asagi that has grown from 33cm to 60cm! Now confirmed female this koi displays some lovely development points for us to appreciate.

At location 1 in the left shot we can see what looks to be a 'messy head,' this is actually a common misconception. It is not unwanted colour, the darkening is caused by the visibility of the skull under the thin skin of a young koi (Chobo Zumi). As the koi ages and grows the skin thickens and in this case becomes lovely creamy shiroji that, judging by its quality, should continue to develop well.

Location 2 shows very little hi on the gill plate, but a very small amount is there (I zoomed in!) This has not only surfaced and thickened but has done so in a very desirable and symmetrical manner. The koi now begins to resemble a true asagi!

Location 3 shows completely white pecs, on good young asagi like this one, the hi will emerge in time, if hi is already present in the pecs as a young koi, it tends to tighten closer to the joint of the pec with age. The hi has now emerged on the pecs of this asagi, the colour is rich and balanced.

Location 4 shows the development of the even skin quality. The more even the better, the fukurin is developing slowly and only time will tell to what extent, but so far, so very good!

Location 5 shows the appearance of hi in the dorsal fin, as if from nowhere - an important little detail in asagi appreciation.

Next up is a lovely kohaku, also female, that has grown from 30cm to 49cm. I rather like this, the body-line is good, the skin shows quality and the simple three step pattern is very pleasing. Throw in a nice face, a good tail stop and no flagging in the dorsal and there's not much to dislike!

At location 1 the increase in size is starting to make an impact on the pattern and therefore the overall balance of the koi. The first beni plate wraps nicely down both flanks in two spots, as the koi continues to grow this large beni plate should look more interesting and if it retains the quality, will be a very impressive attribute indeed.

Location 2 indicates the quality of the kiwa, in the left shot there are no areas of kiwa that would cause me any concern and now it is even more beautiful.

Location 3 shows how the sashi has already begun to tighten, given more time this should continue to move in the right direction.

Location 4 shows the fading of the small spec of beni seen on the white ground of the tail tube. Looking at the first shot, one may be concerned that it will thicken, In my experience I have seen this go both ways, simply 'pot luck' that on this occasion it has started to fade - result! Also notice the difference in the thickness of the tail tube and how this is already giving the koi a more powerful look.

If you would like to look at the whole collection - or would like further information, pease contact Chosen Koi:


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