Koi to Remember

A post I saw on Facebook prompted me to reflect on koi I have seen that stopped me in my tracks, koi that opened my eyes or maybe gave me a new angle of appreciation. So I went hunting through my old files.

The first is a well known Marudo Sanke I saw at the 2015 Nogyosai (apologies for the pic). I‘d never been the biggest fan of Sanke, I found them either too flowery or to lack impact all together. This koi changed that completely. The quality and style of this koi blew me away - I stood drooling for some time and now I rather like a nice sanke.

The second is the famous Marujyu Tancho Showa, I saw this beast at the farm in 2015 and it dwarfed everything else in the pond even then. I think the surprise of seeing a Tancho Showa of such size and quality made her very memorable indeed. A testament to great genetics, great rearing and some help from Lady Luck.

The third is a beautiful Ki Matsuba I saw at the same Nogyosai as the Sanke. It was big, it was as perfect as possible, it taught me that single coloured Koi can be beautiful too and that I should pay attention to the simple details.

So what koi have stopped you in your tracks?

I might dig out some more...


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