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Volume Four

Volume Four

(A4 - English Language - 132 pages - 748grams approx)


Japan Confidential

Exploring Autumn Harvest Season in Japan, discover the harvests and koi that make it so memorable. 


Pond Visit

Simon Ward shares his beautiful 7200-gallon pond and koi collection, along with the trials and tribulations he's faced over the years.


Hall of Fame

We feature the champion koi of UK Shows 2023 in glorious print. Professional koi photography to admire and appreciate beautiful koi. 


Nogami Koi Farm

In this in-depth interview with Hisato and Chikara Nogami, Johan Leurs (Koi Zanmai) uncovers what makes this famous farm so special. With photographs spanning from 1993 to 2023, we're pretty certain this 12-page article will impress. 


Adding New Koi, a comprehensive guide

Dr Paula Reynolds gives a thorough and insightful breakdown of the risks of adding new koi to your pond and measures we can take to make the process safer for our current collection. A must-read. 


Young Kyle

Our young koi keeper series leads us to Kyle Weaver, an impassioned koi keeper with some fantastic insights and outlooks. Discover his pond and koi collection and his journey through the hobby. 


The Koi

A poem by Alan Coogan. 


Koi Wisdom

In this contemplative article we look at how to avoid the trappings of koi appreciation. It might sound strange, but becoming obsessed with achieving "perfection" kills the joy of our hobby, and we tackle it head-on. 


Stocking Light

Many koi keepers wonder why they are constantly getting koi health issues, or why they can't achieve the results seen in Japan. We believe that stocking rates play a significant role in the health of our koi and their ability to reach their potential. In this fascinating article, that's what we explore.    



Koi Health is a paramount element of our wonderful hobby and in this series, we join health practitioners on pond callouts in the hope of learning a thing or two. 


Hobbyist Koi Shows in Japan

Ever wondered how koi shows in Japan might differ from ones in the UK? Well, Bernie Woollands will walk you through every aspect of Hobbyist Koi Shows in Japan. 


Insect Meal

In recent years insect meal has been offered up as a suitable alternative in koi diets, but is it as straightforward as it seems? Toen Feyen cracks the lid on the topic. 


Cuttlebrook Koi Farm  - Part Two

We return to the UK-based farm to catch up with the koi featured in Vol Three. Think, In-depth koi development, an interview with Sam Norley about how the year went and a look at the odds of breeding high-quality koi. A great read. 


Judging Challenge - results

Join BKKS judge Anthony Grey as he walks you through his decisions for this volume's competition.  


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Volume Four

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