BWMKS - 1st & 2nd October

It's official and it's tragic - the last koi show of 2022!

Don't be silly and miss out on your last chance to attend a koi show before the dreaded winter kicks in and you're fretting about Christmas presents... yes, truly horrifying!

Take my advice and soak up all the good koi-stuff - whilst you still can! The BWMKS is a cracking club show and they have made serious efforts this year to ensure it's even better than ever. There are more dealers, more deals, more koi, a bigger raffle and there's even more cake too!

The whole event is under cover so the weather won't spoil play and the venue is located at a lovely garden centre and farm shop - what's not to like?

Dealers in attendance are:


Granite Boulder lanterns

Wakai trees

Aurora koi

World of Nishikigoi

A Class koi

Finch Filtration

The Koi Collection

Rebecca Chetter Art


Pete's pond extras

Utility Warehouse

Various craft stands

Air Ambulance

Koi Raffle

There's hot food and refreshments and did I mention - CAKE!

It's also your last chance to grab a copy of 'World of Nishikigoi - Vol One' at a koi show this year - saving you the postage! Check out the magazine that koi enthusiasts are raving about, it's rather cool - even if I do say so myself!

The stunning sanke below took the coveted GC award last year, but what happens this year is in the hands of the koi gods! If you want a little taste of what to expect you can read about my last visit here: (it's worth a read)


Koi Magazine - Sanke

Grand Champion

Owner: James Millward

Sanke // 70cm // Momotaro // Absolute koi

Feel free to download and share the poster...


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