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Trade News - March '24

Koi Blog - Trade News

Hello Koi Keepers, 

March is drawing to an end, Easter is under way and hopefully some warmer weather is on the horizon. Spring is coming - fingers crossed! We typically find ourselves at a pivotal point in our seasonal preparations, as the days begin to lengthen and temperatures gradually rise. It’s a crucial transition period for both koi and keeper and it requires a keen eye for observation.

Yes, it's time to carefully assess the health and condition of our pond and koi, perform water quality checks, and initiate spring cleaning to ensure an optimal environment as our koi’s activity levels slowly increase. If you’re heated, the same rules apply because winter weather and pond covers often encourage us to take our eyes off the ball, missing things we usually wouldn't. 

The spring period can be temperamental in regards to weather conditions and (if you use covers) it’s best to leave them on until temperatures stabilise, although it can be tempting to whip them off after a sunny day or two. Sunny days can also encourage us to feed more than we should. Remember, water temperatures will remain relatively cold (unless you heat) and food should be gradually introduced for the benefit of the digestive system and the bacteria in your filter. Slowly does it.  

Additionally, spring begins to tempt koi keepers out of their homes in search of new koi and equipment. You’ve probably noticed that the industry is starting to wake up on social media with koi shipments, product launches and events being posted. It’s a great time to keep tabs on koi-affairs and to make things even easier, I’ve once again compiled some news from our sponsors. Enjoy…

Beacon Koi - Koi Blog - Dainichi

Beacon Koi. Simon and Dean have been busy prepping new koi for the Easter Weekend from the likes of Sakai Fish Farm, Momotaro and Dainichi, to name a few. They're aiming to offer a good selection of koi to suit hobbyists of all budgets, and they seem to be succeeding. Want to see what's currently available? See above, or check out their full selection here: 

Simon - 07931 735531

Evolution Aqua - Pond Filter - Koi Blog

Evolution Aqua. A word or two from EA headquarters:

Our team at Evolution Aqua have been busy over the winter months manufacturing new and innovative products ready for 2024, further extending our product range. Here’s some of what we’ve been working on.

Evolution Aqua Surge Filter - Innovative Pond Filter with UVC.

The Evolution Aqua Surge Filter is an innovative filter that will help to deliver crystal clear, healthy water for Koi ponds up to 5,000 litres. There are no dirty sponges or foams to clean, so you get to keep your hands dry, giving you more time to enjoy your pond.

How does it work? As pond water is pumped through the Surge Filter, the K+Media becomes a mechanical barrier that traps debris up to 1 micron. The built-in UV Clarifier also helps to eliminate green water in this compact all-in-one filter. It’s easy to maintain and simple to wire into the mains power supply. Stepped hosetails are supplied for quick connection to flexible hose, and the clear hose provided allows you to see the wastewater when draining. Mounting brackets are also included for secure installation.


5,000 Litres / 1,100 Gallons / 1,320 US Gallons


¾”, 1”, 1¼” (UK / USA) / 20mm, 25mm, 32mm (EU)


¾”, 1”, 1¼” (UK / USA) / 20mm, 25mm, 32mm (EU)


1” (UK / USA) / 25mm (EU)


3,500 lph / 770 gph / 925 US gph


2,500 lph / 550 gph / 660 US gph


4.5 Litres


19 Litres / 4.2 Gallons / 5 US Gallons

How does it clean? Air Clean Technology uses open-cell K+Media and air to clean the filter, providing a low-energy and cost-effective solution. With the pump off, ball valves closed, and the waste valve open, air is drawn into the filter. As the air and water mix, the media starts to move chaotically, dislodging the trapped waste. Dirty water then exits the bottom of the filter via the waste drain, leaving the media clean. If you would like more information, please visit: 

Evolution Aqua evoUV Ti - Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifiers.

Our Evolution Aqua evoUV Ti, Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifiers are made using the latest technology and are lined with a thick and polished titanium tube to clear green pond water fast. When the UV light strikes the internal surface of the titanium chamber, it produces an instant photocatalytic reaction, generating Hydroxyl Radicals, a powerful oxidant. The oxidant instantly destroys organic and inorganic matter, neutralising water-borne algae, bacteria and viruses resulting in clearer water whilst being perfectly safe for all pond life. We currently have two models available and if you would like to read more, please follow the link below: 

Koi Pond Evolution Aqua - koi blog

Finally, have you entered the #MoreMoneyForFish giveaway yet?

You could be in with a chance of winning 1 of 10 bundles that include a FREE PURE Pond Bomb, mug, and pen! All you have to do is comment on one of our #MoreMoneyForFish social posts with your best pond, fish or EA filter picture. Easy! Entries close at the end of March - so you don’t have long! 

Find the post on any of our socials to enter:

Byer Koi Farm - Koi Blog

Byer Koi Farm. A new trade sponsor for the magazine this year, and I'm thrilled to welcome them aboard. I'll hand over to the main man, Adam Byer:


We’re rolling out the welcome mat this Easter because on top of our usual 10-5 weekend opening hours, we’re also open each Bank Holiday day.  

Our Koi Farm is a great place to know in Hertfordshire. We're an experienced family-run koi business, supplying koi, dry goods essentials and offering sound advice and guidance to help our customers maximise their koi pond enjoyment. The shop is filled to the brim with our new small koi mixes, tosai, nisai and a range of Japanese koi. The selection is massive - almost as massive as the warm welcome our visitors receive! 

You may have noticed I mentioned Japanese Koi. It wasn’t a typo, it’s the cherry on top of the cake! We are now filling gaps in our Byer Koi Farm-bred koi range with a brand-new selection of Japanese koi for 2024. With this expansion, our customers are truly spoiled for choice, ensuring there's something onsite for everyone. If you want to delve deeper into the thinking behind our new strategy, take a quick 5-minute read here: 

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, our weekly releases of new koi have become a sensation, and we're keeping the momentum going strong! Check them out here: 

Finally, Farm Life deems that the koi spawning season is imminent. Our Oyagoi are being prepared, and (as ever) there’s much anticipation to see our range of 2024 spawnings. Don’t worry, there’s not long to wait, as we expect our 2-3 week old koi fry will be available in the second half of April and our 6-8 week old fry in May.


Adam & Amanda Byer

Phone: 07801235952 📞

Koi Blog - Red Label Drum Filter - West Midlands Koi

West Midlands Koi. Lee recently returned from a trip to the Netherlands, where he met up with Guido Alkema of AquaKing - Red Label. West Midlands Koi are the sole UK distributor of Red Label Drum Filters, and Lee was keen to visit the factory and showroom to see how the filters are made. Lee also discussed some potential new ideas for modifications in the near future and expressed to me how he was keen to work with the manufacturers to solve koi keepers' problems. 

Drum filtration has become a competitive market, with many manufacturers competing for market dominance. Buying any filtration is a huge investment, and I think it’s always best to arrange a visit to see different brands and models in the flesh because that way, you can ask questions freely and get a feel for the quality of the product.     

Check out the Red Label range here: 

Red Label Drum Filters - Koi blog

Lee is still currently constructing his new koi facility after moving from his previous premises, but (in case you were wondering) it’s business as usual. Filtration, equipment, dry goods and (of course) his stock of EZ Ponds are all available via his website or a quick phone call.

Call Lee - 07791 655 595

Koi Blog - Koi Ponds

Avenue Fisheries. This Easter weekend is the final part of Pam and Steve’s grow-on competition, where winners get announced and prizes dished out. They also release a whopping selection of fully quarantined Japanese koi, ready for the new season. They don’t run an online shop for their koi, so the best way to see what they get up to is via their Facebook page.

You get to see videos like this…

I’m gutted I can’t make it down this weekend to see how the grow-on koi have developed, but work commitments have me tied. If you would like a little insight into what Avenue Fisheries is all about, check out this video I made on my last visit...

Koi Mud Pond - Koi magazine

Walker Koi. Rob Walker has recently launched a grow and show event sponsored by Columbo Products. The event costs £75.00 and sounds like an affordable, fun opportunity with some unique twists. Participants will receive two different koi varieties to grow for the entry fee, and there are plenty of free giveaways and prizes to win. If you're interested in securing a place, you can contact Rob on 01384 620558.

Here's the man himself to explain more. 

Cuttlebrook koi farm

Cuttlebrook Koi Farm. The team at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm has recently released 250 koi for sale via their website, with collection or delivery options available. It's interesting to see some of the go-sanke for sale, as many are offspring from the new breeding lines which were documented in Volumes 3 and 4 of the magazine. Although the koi for sale are not the farm's tategoi featured in the article, it's still fascinating to observe the traits passed down by the parents and evident in the siblings.

If you are on the hunt for koi, there are still plenty of them up for grabs (some of them are pictured above). Why not take a look?

Aqua Tech & Landscapes - koi blog

Aqua-Tech & Landscapes. Anthony has been busy travelling around the country, helping hobbyists with pond nightmares. It's not what we like to hear, but at least he can amend the problems. Recently, he found himself re-fiberglassing a large koi pond and revamping its filter bay due to grave errors made by the previous pond builder. Pics below...

This situation highlights the importance of thoroughly researching companies and their reputation before hiring them. Building a koi pond can be expensive, and fixing mistakes can make costs escalate quickly. Unfortunately, there are cowboys in every field, and it's up to us to remain vigilant. When looking for pond-related construction or maintenance services, always seek personal recommendations. If a company has numerous satisfied koi keepers willing to share their positive experiences with others, it's probably a safe choice.

Anthony is based in Cambridgeshire but covers all of Essex, Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties.

Contact: 07974 998267

Queen Koi - Koi Blog

Queni Koi. Adam has just released the first batches of tosai for the 2024 season. Yes, especially for the Easter weekend, here are some details. 

This Easter Bank Holiday weekend, we are releasing 600 new tosai from Quarantine, comprising of:

- Yamamatsu Kohaku

- Shinoda Hi Utsuri

- Genjiro Kujaku

- Sakazume Gin Rin Platinum Ogon

- Otsuka Mix

AND (I’ve saved the best till last) - Marudo Showa, which are extremely good examples for the price point.

If you’re looking for new season smalls, this is not to be missed! Available in-store only (to begin with).

Our Bank Holiday opening hours are:

Saturday - Open 10:00-16:00

Easter Sunday - CLOSED

BH Monday - Open 10:00-16:00

Call - 0116 267 7053

World of Nishikigoi. Things are incredibly busy at ‘WoN HQ’ with the production of Volume Five, plus other magazine-related projects that all seem to collide at the same time. But I’m thrilled with how the next volume is shaping up, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

We’ve been welcoming new subscribers since the start of March, but there’s always room for more koi lovers! If you want to take advantage of subscriber benefits like cheaper magazines, a discount card and first access to the latest volume, hit the link below and join the UK's Koi Magazine community. 

I recently released a short video about an exciting interview that will feature in Volume Five with Ryuki Narita (Narita Koi Farm). I’m hoping to release more magazine-related video content soon, but check it out above.

Kohaku // SFF// Benedict Campos - - - Gin Rin Showa // Dainichi // Donald Kerr

In other news, the All Japan Young Koi Show took place recently, and whilst I couldn’t be there myself, I have lived vicariously through Johan Leurs of the German Magazine ‘Koi Zanmai.’ The top two titles went to beautiful koi, one of which I had already photographed at the AJKS in January. Here they are side-by-side, Johan’s photo of the GC and mine of GC-B, which features on the Trade News banner for this month. If you want to see more pictures from the show, I strongly recommend you check out Johan’s Facebook page:


Finally, I’ll take this opportunity to highlight that the Koi Show season may seem far away, but with dates mostly released, it’s time to get them in your diary! Here’s what we know so far: 

Get the dates in your diary!

Here are the shows currently confirmed in chronological order:

The National Koi Show - 29th/30th June

The Crouch Valley Koi Show - 3rd/4th August

The North England Koi Show - 10th/11th August

The Great British Koi Show - 24th/25th August

The Mid Staffs Koi Show - 7th/8th September

The All England Koi Show - 21st/22nd September

The Junior Koi Show (Birmingham & West Mids) - 5th/6th October

*more to be added as details arrive

Happy Easter!


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