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Trade News - Jan '24

Koi Dealer News - Koi Blog

Hello Koi Keepers!

I wanted to revitalise the “Trade News” section of the Koi Blog going into 2024. For new readers, this is where I feature news from our trade sponsors each month. Maybe they have new koi shipments, new products, special sales or events - we get digging and bring you all the details via this page, so you don’t have to do the leg work! We will also share snippets via our social platforms this year, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

We hope to bring you details of things that will be relevant, interesting or could save you a penny or two, and if there are any special promotions for our magazine subscribers, we’ll be sure to highlight those too. Enough Rambling, let’s kick off with Jan '24!

Supreme koi - koi blog

Supreme Koi - Has recently launched a WhatsApp group to share their latest deals and newest stock, offer pre-orders on koi in Japan and links to their koi auctions. Such groups are becoming increasingly popular with some hobbyists to get “first dibs” on deals and new koi. Essentially, dealers reward group members by sharing the gossip with them first - it can prove a helpful tool for both parties. Supreme Koi is based on the outskirts of Wolverhampton but offers delivery all over the country. If you fancy keeping tabs on their movement, join the group:

Cuttlebrook Koi Farm - Koi Breeding

Cuttlebrook Koi Farm - Sam Norley (the farm’s general manager) has been working behind the scenes, filming and editing a lovely video that details the farm and how they go about things. I was given early access to watch a first edit, and I thought it was a brilliant way for people to see what the farm offers. In a digital age, koi businesses need to reach new audiences and create brand awareness, and video content certainly helps. As a bonus, it allows koi lovers to see free koi content. It's now been released on their FaceBook page but unfortunately the link won't allow me too embed it. Check it out here:

You can also read articles in Volumes Three & Four of our magazine that detail the farm and give an in-depth look into the recent development of their new go-sanke parent sets. It’s a unique chance to follow the development of some of the farm’s best prospects over a growing season - and I’m sure we’ll catch up with them again. Head to our shop to grab a copy:

Koi Health - Koi Blog

Viking Fish Health - Simon Nourse is a new sponsor of the magazine. His pond-side services company is gaining traction and respect with koi keepers around the UK. We chatted recently, and he informed me that he’s been busy maintaining and repairing ponds over winter but soon expects an influx of koi health calls when spring arrives.

Sometimes there’s a feeling of shame when koi keepers must call a professional to help with their pond and koi, but this needn’t be the case. Remember, we are all learning, but it takes time to develop the correct knowledge and skills to care for koi correctly. Whilst on that journey, we must make every effort to ensure our koi have a good life, as with any pet. That’s why pond-side professionals like Simon can be so helpful.

Having a professional visit your pond, assess problems and prescribe an appropriate level of action can be a big step in expanding your knowledge and improving the living conditions of your koi. I have often heard people say that such services are an unnecessary expense, and I couldn’t disagree more. When one considers the cost of constructing a pond, building a collection of koi and the time, effort and emotion invested - hiring a professional to help you with a ‘hiccup’ is mere pennies. Think about the bigger picture and choose pond-side personel wisely.

Simon is based in Nottingham and covers a large area of the country. You can check out his services here:

Shosha Koi - Japanese koi for sale

Shosha Koi - A new company launched in 2023 headed up by Mike Hughes and Lee Bailey, has been releasing many new koi purchases on their lovely modern website. These include larger specimens from their trip to Japan in November and tosai coming through for the new season.

The Shosha Team are very much ‘on it’ with Japanese Koi Auctions and Events. These are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy koi, and (in many ways) they are necessary if you want koi from a specific few farms these days. Shosha Koi offers a transparent and reliable service to purchase koi on the hobbyist's behalf. Contact Mike or Lee, and they will discuss the process - it’s rather easy! You can keep up to date with what Events they are involved with here: And check out their full selection of available koi here:

Selective Koi Sales - Chris has recently been publishing new videos via the company's YouTube channel, including updates on new stock and some great videos about his trip to Japan at the end of 2023. ‘SKS’ have been in the koi business for over 40 years, and with the likes of social media, they can now reach customers far and wide. Check out the video above, and if you like it, head over to YouTube and drop them a sub. Better still, pay them a visit in Norwich, the shop is a wonderful place to explore!

Aqua-Tech & Landscapes - Anthony Osborne (the owner) has been busy with pond build projects over the last few months but has also been re-jigging the website backstage. Soon, there will be an online shop so hobbyists can purchase koi food, dry goods and their unique automatic koi feeder - the 'RS Feeder.' The company will also offer a discount scheme for those hobbyists who own a feeder, meaning they save money when they buy koi food - pretty nifty! It will be launching soon, so if you'd like to check it out, here's the link:

Beacon Koi - Koi Auction

Beacon Koi - Located in Great Barr, Birmingham, Beacon Koi started sponsoring us in Volume Four. Dean and Simon are committed to offering hobbyists healthy koi to suit all pockets and have recently completed their new website. As part of the new design, they have incorporated an auction page. If you fancy trying your hand, bidding for koi and nabbing a bargain, it also details their new WhatsApp group. 

Simon informs me that they will be adding new koi to the auction regularly. I know the shop tends to see a good turnover of koi, so there’s always something new to look at. Dean doesn’t make a bad cuppa either if you fancy a visit! 

South West Koi - Koi for sale

South West Koi - Another new sponsor of the magazine based in Bristol. South West Koi is a new koi dealership and aquatic retailer with an impressive facility. They launched last year as demand for koi services in the area was high, but will also be expanding with other aquatic sales. Dave Baber (the proprietor) wasted no time building the unique fish house and has many exciting plans to expand the business site. They recently launched their new website but have decided to overhaul it. Once completed, it will detail the vast koi stocks they keep on-site, but if you can't wait till then, you can visit them in person or sign up for their newsletter to be informed when the new website launches.

Queni Koi - Koi Sale

Queni Koi - Adam Walker has recently released details of a big Sale Event between the 20th and 28th of January. It will cover online and in-store purchases with bonus deals on specific goods posted daily on FaceBook. Some details:

  • Up to 50% Off Koi

  • 10-15% Off Koi Food

  • 10% Off Dry Goods

  • 10% Off the Queni Koi Filtration Range

It’s a great chance to save some money on new koi or supplies this year, so if you want to check it out, head over to their website and FaceBook page to keep in the loop. 

You can also watch this video by ‘Rasta Koi’ explaining more:

koi tanks -

Ez-Pond - The renowned tank-producing company has been expanding their range with all-in-one ponds, bottom drains, bio units and filter housings, and now they plan to release another new product. I tried to squeeze Allan Gavin (the owner) to find out what it was, but his lips were sealed. I'll remember that Allan!

If you want to find out what this big teaser has up his sleeve, check out their Facebook page for more info:

Koi Blog _ Koi Magazine

World of Nishikigoi - I better include the magazine in this, as we have been up to a few bits and pieces! Our latest volume (Vol Four) is now available to buy as a single sale item for those who aren't subscribed - get on it, it’s ace!

I am also off to the All Japan Koi Show 2024!

You may have guessed that one of my passions is koi photography! To visit the most prestigious koi show on earth for the first time and shoot the champions is a dream. It was an impromptu booking, but I’m so grateful to be going, and I can’t wait to share my escapades with you all.

I will also be visiting the breeders of Niigata and the breeders of the south of Japan in search of magazine content and some cool stuff to post online via socials and YouTube. Keep your eyes peeled, and feel free to subscribe to my channel here:


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