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EZ-Pond Limited

Upon loading the homepage of the EZ-Pond Ltd website, you are greeted with the following:

"Uk's Leading koi pond & tank manufacturers"

If you are not familiar with their work, they most certainly back that statement up! The high quality construction and finish of their products is, in my opinion, unrivalled and it's easy to see why their range has become so very popular.

Not only have they delivered tanks to every corner of the UK, but they are now being exported all over the globe, places like Germany, Malta, Belgium and even the USA - proudly waving the flag!

I wrote an article a little while ago focussing on keeping koi on a smaller scale, intended as a sensible way for beginners to get started. As a hobby we always want to attract newcomers but stepping into the koi hobby can be a very daunting process. If we can encourage beginners to set up a system that will work well, regardless of its size, there is more chance of them avoiding the heartbreaking and expensive 'beginners mistakes,' that can quickly cause people to lose heart and leave the hobby.

EZ-Pond are definitely part of the solution, offering a wide range of units to suit all size gardens, patios and even balconies - making koi keeping instantly more accessible for those who are, quite rightly 'put off,' by the idea of a large and very permanent concrete pond in the garden.

If you're thinking of joining the hobby, having a high quality fibre-glass 'koi tank,' fitted with a bottom drain, is the perfect place to start! Not only that, but for those hobbyists looking to expand or thinking of an additional system, having something that can just be dropped into place, is a rather attractive prospect indeed.

Full article coming soon, watch this space...

In the meantime if you would like to see what EZ-Pond have to offer, click here:


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