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Major Awards - The Mid Staffs Koi Show '23

Mid Staffs Koi Show 2023

Once again the Mid Staffs Koi Society delivered a thoroughly enjoyable koi show with a friendly atmosphere, and some stunning koi on display. All the volunteers had done a sterling job putting on the show and manning the event. The condition of the koi and water is worth a particular mention, as the water team were 'on it' and it showed. They were very happy koi. Many thanks to the Mid Staffs for all their effort and the judges for giving up their time and travelling from all corners of the UK.

Congratulations to everyone who exhibited!


The Major Awards for the 2023

Mid Staffs Koi Show!

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Grand Champion & Jumbo Champion

Owner: Gary Woods

Handled by Mark Langford-Rotton

Kohaku // 81cm // Nogami // Queni Koi

A video of the Grand Champion...

Koi Magazine - Sanke

Mature Champion

Mark Langford-Rotton

Sanke // 68cm // Tamaura // Queni Koi

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Adult Champion

Owner: Liam Freeman

Kohaku // 64cm // Momotaro // Queni Koi

 Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Young Champion

Owner: Rob & Jo Burgwin

Gin Rin Kohaku // 54cm // Momotaro // Queni Koi

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Baby Champion

Owner: Nathan Hurley

Kohaku // 28cm // Rodbaston Aquaculture

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine -

Best Doitsu

Owner: Paul Dolan

Hikari Moyo // 31cm // Rodbaston Aquaculture

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine - showa

Most Unusual

Owner: Dan Fletcher

Doitsu Kin Showa // 29cm // Kase // Supreme Koi

World of Nishikigoi - Koi Magazine

Best Beginner

Owner: Dan Fletcher

Gin Rin Showa // 50cm // Kase // Aurora Koi

Koi Magazine

Best Vat (Chairman's Choice)

Owner: Mark Richards

Koi Magazine - Kohaku

Jimmy Morris Award

Owner: Adam Sandal

Special Award (Oldest Beginner)

Owner: Trevor Wyre

Major Award Winners...

If you would like to find out more regarding The Mid Staffs Koi Show:

World of Nishikigoi produces a high-quality koi magazine for the koi hobbyist. Supporting the magazine supports the work we do for shows up and down the country and overseas. Bringing you proper koi content and spreading the love and understanding of nishikigoi. More info here:

Koi Magazine


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